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745 The Moathouse <a href="?quick_filter_operator=Contains&quick_filter=Savon+Orava">Savon Orava</a> Blast from the Past <a href="?quick_filter_operator=Contains&quick_filter=Scenic">Scenic</a> MMS0057 ksGAtoX7xw4 25 52 2017-02-11 Conflicts with: <a href="?quick_filter=A Bard's Life">A Bard&#39;s Life</a>, <a href="?quick_filter=Morrowind+Rebirth">Morrowind Rebirth</a>, <a href="?quick_filter=Castle+Shadowguard">Castle Shadowguard</a>. Landscape conflicts with&nbsp;<a href="?quick_filter=Korobal+Island">Korobal Island</a>, <a href="?quick_filter=The+Sable+Dragon">The Sable Dragon</a>, <a href="?quick_filter=Ascadian+Rose+Cottage">Ascadian Rose Cottage</a>.<br /> Note by abot: be aware that the mod is mistakenly changing dialog filter condition for some vanilla game slaves instead of correctly duplicating and refiltering the dialog lines, such making impossible to free some of the vanilla slaves (e.g. in Hlormaren, Underground) using the proper key.<br />