Id Name Authors Download Category Tags Video Video Code Video Min Video Sec Date Note Video Url
786 MWSE Alchemy Filter <a href="?quick_filter_operator=Contains&quick_filter=Greatness7">Greatness7</a> Gameplay <a href="?quick_filter_operator=Contains&quick_filter=abot%27s+pick">abot's pick</a>, <a href="?quick_filter_operator=Contains&quick_filter=Alchemy">Alchemy</a>, <a href="?quick_filter_operator=Contains&quick_filter=Mwse">Mwse</a> MMS0059 AR97YV2WZN8 1 11 2017-04-23 Requires <a href="">MWSE v0.9.5-alpha.20151016</a> or later.&nbsp;<a href="">TES3CMD</a> optional, but highly recommended to automatically be able to automatically expand the mod to include all ingredients added by other mods in your loading order.