Actions Id Name Category Site Date Author Description
WM Mace Flail Weapons MMH 2007-02-24 wildman Adds an animated blunt weapon both 1 and 2 handed versions.  
Purchase From Arille in Seyda Neen.  
watch a video here:
WM Revolver Models and Textures MMH 2007-02-22 wildman A barrel is next to the basement door of Arille's trade house with the gun sitting on top of it.  
Equipping the gun adds 6 bullets to your inventory, equip the bullets to shoot. It is scripted so you cannot have more than 6 bullets at a time.  
It is technically a bow, so it ...
Dark Brotherhood Goggles Models and Textures MMH 2007-02-22 wildman Gives the Dark Brotherhood Assassins a random chance of wearing  
full faced helm, Cap w/ goggles, or just goggles.  
The goggles and cap are made to fit Dark Elf males.  
**Will not fit most other races**  
Conflicts ...
Better Fitting Gloves Clothing MMH 2007-02-21 wildman A simple mesh replacer that stops the expensive and extravagant  
gloves from clipping through robes.  
Clipping still occurs with Hurdy Gurdy and NioLiv's robe meshes.
Not a Magic Slingshot Weapons MMH 2012-07-19 Wildman, Spoon Thief It's a slingshot.  
I wanted to be able to use Wildman's awesome slingshot with a non-magic character, so I just changed it a bit.  
Still available from Thongar in Khuul, but he now has restocking ammo for it and the magic shot script has been remove...
MSG: Misc Specialty Goods Miscellaneous Fliggerty 2012-07-02 Wildman MSG: Misc Specialty Goods
A mod for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
by Wildman

This adds several new shops placed across the land featuring a variety of new meshes, community resources, and vanilla pieces used in new ways.

The Shops:

TL_Cellar_Tileset v1.0 Resources MMH 2006-04-27 Wildman TL_Cellar_tileset by Wildman aka Trey Leavens Inspired by a request from Craigor I built a cellar door entrance for the exterior of houses, which then needed an interior piece for the way back out, so came into being a si...
Creepy Trees Resources MMH 2009-04-25 Wildman [] You guessed it- a resource for creepy trees released on the official forums. If anyone recognizes this let me know who created it. Modders resource only, no .esp file.
Regional Mana Tweaks MMH 2006-07-14 Wildman Regions of wilderness have their own mana properties. in areas of high mana, you will have increased magicka but also increased weakness to it. In areas of lower mana you will have more difficulty casting spells but are more resistant to magicka.
 Now with optional Magick...
Magic Slingshot Weapons MMH 2009-02-18 Wildman Slingshot summons it's own ammo at cost of magicka to the player.  
Magicka cost is determined by player stats of Intelligence, Willpower,  
Conjuration, Destruction, and Enchant. Between 5 and 10 per shot.  
Slingshot is available for purc...
Immersive Spoilers Quests MMH 2006-09-26 Wildman Getting tired of finding the same leveled loot everywhere, but don't want to read a walkthrough or item location list? Then this might be for you.  
This mod will add a new topic with vague but exact loacations of special items throughout the game.
Wildman's Skooma Texture Models and Textures MMH 2007-12-04 Wildman Hi-RES Skooma Bottle Texture.
Wildman's Creature Statue Pack Models and Textures MMH 2006-12-13 Wildman Modders Resource. Not in game.    Several Morrowind creature statues.  
Made from original morrowind creatures and converted into static meshes to be placed in the game using the Construction Set.    ash ghoul,  
ash slave,  
ash zombie,
Sotha Dicer - Static Models and Textures MMH 2012-09-16 Wildman single nif-no readme
Namira Statue Models and Textures MMH 2012-09-16 Wildman single nif-no readme
Ebony Firesword Models and Textures MMH 2006-09-26 Wildman An ebony longsword recolored red with Ameals's particle effects added to it.  
Included with this resource is a simple ESP plugin that puts it in a Daedric Shrine, i won't say which one, you'll just have to find it. GMST's removed.
Dwemer Chainsaw Models and Textures MMH 2012-09-16 Wildman Resource files for 1 Dwemer Chainsaw (Mesh, Textures, & Icon). No readme or esp included.
Skeleterra Dungeons MMH 2008-01-15 Wildman An underground dungeon featuring new skeleton creatures including a Lich Queen using Amelexia's animation, Skeleton Spearmen using Hircane's animation, Lingarn's particle effect mage skeletons, Elim's Pirate Skeletons, and more.
WM Kitty Creatures MMH 2012-09-16 Wildman This is an edited wolf from bloodmoon, made to resemble a cat. I have not finished work on it as I would have liked, but due to RL I most likely never will. There are some seam issues and the head has no morph animation. Because this will require more time to fix I have released this as/is as a r...
Wildman's Skeleton Additions Creatures MMH 2008-10-26 Wildman Adds seven new skeletons to leveled creature lists.  
From the Skeleterra dungeon mod this includes the Imperial Guard and Archer Skeletons, Dragonscale Soldier Skeleton, Barbarian Skeleton, Spear Skeleton (using Hircane's Animation), and Lich Queen (Using Almalexia's Anima...
Dragonfly Creatures MMH 2010-02-17 Wildman Adds a new dragonfly creature to the cliffracer leveled lists.  
The dragonflies are passive and won't attack unless provoked.
Ninja Girl, Kumiko's Revenge Companions MMH 2006-03-15 Wildman This mod adds a companion NPC, a young ninja girl named Kumiko, who's parents were assassinated in a conspiracy that included the Dark Brotherhood and the Cammona Tong and she will try to get you to help her get revenge.

New version 1B (I didn't change enough to justify a new version ...
West Gash, Guild of Mages Buildings MMH 2008-04-25 Wildman This was one of several interiors originally made by me for Adras, for his Ravenhold Castle Mod. Work has appartently ceased on that mod. I particularly like this guild hall that I spent a couple of days building, so I have re-worked it into a stand alone mod.  
First I wa...
Wildman's Unique Creeper Stores and Merchants MMH 2007-10-12 Wildman Replaces the creeper with a retextured version to make him different than the other scamps. He wears better clothes and has glow-mapped eyes.  
3 different esp's are included,  choose only ONE of them.  
1. Purist esp:  
changes no sta...
Clanfear Playable Race Races MMH 2007-02-01 Wildman Playable Clanfear Race
 str 20....will 40....agi 50
 spd 40...end 50..per 40....luc 30
 sneak 10
 athletics 10
 hand2hand 10
 acrobatics 5  
unarmored 5
 conjuration 5
Nirnroot Alchemical MMH 2007-12-11 Wildman Based on the Oblivion quest, "Seeking your Roots"
Find Nirnroot and trade it for an Elixir of Exploration

Unlike Oblivion, Nirnroots are normal plants that respawn
ingredients over time. However there are fewer in game.

To start the quest, find a nirnr...
Imperial Sabers Resources MMH 2006-04-19 Southern_Convert TL_Cellar_tileset by Wildman aka Trey Leavens
Update: In the coming weeks, I will be working on a continuation of this saber pack. The original Imperial Sabers will be included, along with it's own values. Others will come, and all w...
Chain Letter Mod Townd and town Expansions MMH 2012-08-06 Princess Stomper It was Wildman's idea, back in June 2006: if you received the mod, you had to add something - anything - and then pass it on. It ended up with a tavern full of Lady Rae's fire-coloured Elves, Wildman's sword and Gayla's painting.

Next door sprang up a shop containi...
Loot Sack Fliggerty Fliggerty 2011-07-30 Fliggerty, Wildman
The Elder Scrolls III
Loot Sack

1. Description
2. Installation
3. Playing the Plugin
4. Features
5. Version
6. Confl...
Loot Sack Miscellaneous MMH 2006-06-14 Fliggerty, Wildman Imagine that you are out looting and plundering.  Suddenly you realize that you have become slightly  
overencumbered...and you only need to go a short distance to the nearest merchant or storage place.   
What are you going to do?  You're going to use your loo...
KEY-C02_Common (Extended) Resources MMH 2006-10-21 Clavis This resource pack is a combination of the regular Common interior architecture with Alcar's modular pieces, Nubux's terrace & balcony pieces, and Wildman's cellar doors. All reskinned in cream plaster, red-gold wood, and golden sandstone paving. There is a subset of tiles with ston...