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View 1049 MWSE Pursuit Revisited Svengineer99 Popular Gameplay, Lua, Mwse, Npc MMS0073
View 1048 The Astral Pocket OperatorJack House Lua, Mwse MMS0073
View 1047 Equipment Requirements Remiros Gameplay Lua, Mwse MMS0073
View 1042 Companion Health Bars MWSE Lua Script Mesafoo NPC abot's pick, Lua, Mwse MMS0073
View 1036 Weapon Sheathing Greatness7 Popular abot's pick, Gameplay, Immersion, Scenic MMS0072
View 1034 Ingredient Flavor Texts Remiros Gameplay abot's pick, Lua, Mwse MMS0072
View 1032 Tamrielic Lore Tooltips PhDinSorcery Item abot's pick, Lua, Mwse MMS0072
View 1013 Ownership Indicator PetetheGoat Gameplay MMS0071
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