Actions ID Mod Author Category Tags Video Date Note
View 1049 MWSE Pursuit Revisited Svengineer99 Popular Gameplay, Lua, Mwse, Npc MMS0073
View 1048 The Astral Pocket OperatorJack House Lua, Mwse MMS0073
View 1047 Equipment Requirements Remiros Gameplay Lua, Mwse MMS0073
View 1046 Sthomrond's Fort Tel Shadow Dungeon Dungeon, Dwemer, Grazelands, Scenic MMS0073
Slight exterior lag possible, requires cleaning
View 1045 New Soul Gems Uisce Item MMS0073
Requires cleaning
View 1044 Guild of Vampire Hunters Gavrilo93 Quest MMS0073
Requires cleaning
View 1043 The Tempest Team Purist Pariahs, Tel Shadow Landmass Location, Quest, Total Conversion MMS0073
Slight exterior lag possible, conflicts with Ald Vendras
View 1042 Companion Health Bars MWSE Lua Script Mesafoo NPC abot's pick, Lua, Mwse MMS0073
View 1041 Ingredients HD Qwerty Meshes and Textures MMS0073
View 1040 MMM Resources Team Nordic Chefs Modder's Resource Mmm, Morrowind Modding Madness MMS0073
View 1039 The Museum Stronghold of Ald Omaynia Hlaalu66 Underrated Home, House, Quest, Redoran MMS0073
Slight exterior lag possible, conflicts with Gnisis Expanded
View 1038 Slof's Better Beasts AlienSlof Blast from the Past Heads, Meshes, Replacer, Textures MMS0073
Warning - mature content
View 1037 Immersive Todd Howard Kmallon12 Bonus Joke MMS0073
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