Actions Id Name Authors Category Tags Video Date Note
157 Balmora Underworld Fulgore Popular Balmora, Faction, Location, Npc, Quest, Vendor MMS0015 2014-11-01 Some noticable lag possible in Thousand Lanterns Way
158 Pelagiad Guard Tower Home Tizzo House House MMS0015 2014-11-01
159 Class Abilities Balathustrius Gameplay abot's pick, Gameplay MMS0015 2014-11-01
160 Ules Farm Crankgorilla Town Town MMS0015 2014-11-01 Will almost certainly lag
161 Iron Variants Stavroguin Item Item MMS0015 2014-11-01
162 The Broken Drum Nimrod Flamehair Quest abot's pick, House, Inn, Quest MMS0015 2014-11-01
163 Ald Vendras-Vogar Centurion, Lucan Landmass abot's pick, Castle, Location, Npc, Quest MMS0015 2014-11-01 Ald Vendras v 3.1 + patch here
164 Creature Pack Mephisto NPC abot's pick, Creature, Gameplay MMS0015 2014-11-01
165 Skies IV Starwarsgal9875 Meshes and Textures abot's pick, Mesh, Scenic, Texture MMS0015 2014-11-01 Great used with Meteors By Shanjaq
166 Momo's Basket Resource for Morrowind Momo Modder's Resource Resource MMS0015 2014-11-01
167 Drakkmore's Plugginless Ring Replacer Drakkmore Underrated Clothing, Replacer, Ring MMS0015 2014-11-01
168 Ravenloft Bantari Blast from the Past House MMS0015 2014-11-01 May lag in some of the randomly generated dungeons
169 Happy Halloween 2013! Melchior Dahrk Bonus Funny MMS0015 2014-11-01 Moderate Lag may be possible
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