Actions Id Name Authors Category Tags Video Date Note
745 The Moathouse Savon Orava Blast from the Past Scenic MMS0057 2017-02-11 Conflicts with: A Bard's Life, Morrowind Rebirth, more
Conflicts with: A Bard's Life, Morrowind Rebirth, Castle Shadowguard. Landscape conflicts with Korobal Island, The Sable Dragon, Ascadian Rose Cottage.
Note by abot: be aware that the mod is mistakenly changing dialog filter condition for some vanilla game slaves instead of correctly duplicating and refiltering the dialog lines, such making impossible to free some of the vanilla slaves (e.g. in Hlormaren, Underground) using the proper key.
729 Odai Cascade & Dragon Falls Thondur Bonus Balmora, Odai, Scenic MMS0055 2016-11-30 May require cleaning
641 Shacky Manor Darktobi Underrated Home, House MMS0049 2016-04-30 Conflicts with The Sable Dragon
603 Tsaesci Dragonscale Armour Maj.GHOB Bonus Armor, Dragon MMS0046 2016-03-09
602 Dragon's Lair Lady Rae Blast from the Past Companion, Dragon MMS0046 2016-03-09
601 Dragon Companion Kagrenac aka Kagz aka Raven Underrated Companion, Dragon MMS0046 2016-03-09
600 Dragon Statues - Modders Resource Pack Miltiades, Ki_Shin_Ju, JB Modder's Resource Dragon, Statue MMS0046 2016-03-09
599 Dragonbone Armor Jayson Meshes and Textures Armor, Dragon MMS0046 2016-03-09
598 Ryukaissen (Dragon Race) Sabregirl NPC Dragon, Race MMS0046 2016-03-09
597 Devil's Rock For Vivec's Soul Illtempered Landmass Dragon, Landmass, Quest MMS0046 2016-03-09 Minor interior lag, conflicts with: ModTown 2015
595 Dragon Rider's Armor Mandamus Item Armor, Dragon MMS0046 2016-03-09
594 Dragon's Lair Gorg Dungeon Dragon, Quest MMS0046 2016-03-09
593 Lord of the Dragons MadMax Gameplay Dragon, Npc, Quest, Real Time Transport MMS0046 2016-03-09
591 Reign of Fire: Revised Razhkul, Gluby Popular Dragon, Npc, Quest MMS0046 2016-03-09 Original version here. Texture alternative
507 Dragon's Breech Alpha Lady Eternity, Proudfoot Overhaul Landmass, Npc, Overhaul, Quest MMS0039 2015-09-30 conflicts with Tamriel Rebuilt
356 Odai Castle Atreus House House TTM0002 2015-02-11 Conflicts with The Sable Dragon, requires cleaning
355 Castle Shadowguard A. Bauer House House TTM0002 2015-02-11 Conflicts with The Sable Dragon, Muck Shovel of Vivec.
Requires more
299 Tolarn, Small Dragon Companion MentalElf Blast from the Past Companion, Creature MMS0025 2015-01-19
196 Dragonfly Wildman Bonus Creature MMS0017 2014-11-15
72 Magical Trinkets of Tamriel Chris Woods, Dragon32 Item abot's pick, Item, Magic, Spell MMS0007 2014-09-06 patch here
29 The Sable Dragon Pluto Quest abot's pick, Location, Npc, Quest MMS0003 2014-08-09