Id Name Authors Download Category Tags Video Video Code Video Min Video Sec Date Note Video Url
689 MWSE Containers <a href="?quick_filter_operator=Contains&quick_filter=Greatness7">Greatness7</a> Gameplay <a href="?quick_filter_operator=Contains&quick_filter=abot%27s+pick">abot's pick</a>, <a href="?quick_filter_operator=Contains&quick_filter=Containers">Containers</a>, <a href="?quick_filter_operator=Contains&quick_filter=Mwse">Mwse</a> MMS0053 h9BsXxVVVWg 12 4 2016-10-28 Requires lstest <a href="">MWSE Alpha</a>,<br /> Note by abot: best containers mod I&#39;ve used so far. If you are a NOM user, I made a <a href=";task=info&amp;id=80&amp;Itemid=50&amp;-MWSE-Containers-NOM">tweaked</a> version relocating the container vendor so it does not overlap with a NOM vendor.