Actions Id Name Authors Category Tags Video Date Note
1082 Berandas Overhaul Seelof Dungeon abot's pick, Scenic MMS0076 2021-07-13 Requires OAAB Data
1064 Rebalanced Tombs Expanded Sphagne Underrated Dungeon MMS0075 2021-05-16
1058 Redreach Team Azturnal Dungeon Dwemer, Skyrim MMS0074 2021-04-11  
1056 Spectral Siege Bradford Horton, Walker Horton Quest abot's pick, abot's pick, Dungeon MMS0074 2021-04-11  
1050 Nchyren's Fort Tel Shadow Bonus Dungeon, Dwemer MMS0074 2021-04-11 Adds a Dwemer dungeon for you to explore and loot, this mod has 3 interiors for you to explore.
Location: West of Bthuand the door is on the left of the ruin, you cant miss it.
1046 Sthomrond's Fort Tel Shadow Dungeon Dungeon, Dwemer, Grazelands, Scenic MMS0073 2019-02-10 Slight exterior lag possible, requires cleaning
1028 Aesthesia - Hlaalu Textures Rytelier Meshes and Textures Cavern, Dungeon, Sadrith Mora MMS0072 2018-12-29
1027 Apocrypha Assets Darknut Modder's Resource Cavern, Dungeon, Sadrith Mora MMS0072 2018-12-29 Recommended mod using these resources: The Demon Of Knowledge
1026 Dreadful Cavern Lady Eternity, Jsp25 Underrated Cavern, Dungeon, Sadrith Mora MMS0072 2018-12-29
1023 Ministry of Clarity Danae, Darknut, Merlord, Corsair Quest Armor, Dungeon, Faction, Mge-xe, Mwse, Quest, Sixth House MMSSH18 2018-11-10 Requires the nightly build of MWSE (2.1+) and MGE XE 0.10.1+
1021 The Reclamation of Hasimminus Mine EnclaveKiller, Mort, LadyPhoenixFireRose, PikachunoTM Dungeon Quest, Sixth House MMSSH18 2018-11-10
1020 Tel Felisa Tel Shadow, Big Boss, Lightsourced, Miamian Dungeon Daedric, Scenic, Sixth House, Telvanni MMSSH18 2018-11-10
1018 Mamaea Awakened Melchior Dahrk, Lucevar, RubberMan, Endoran Dungeon Location, Npc, Quest, Scenic, Sixth House, Town MMSSH18 2018-11-10 note: conflicts with Mountainous Red Mountain
1017 Kogoruhn Expanded Greatness7, Remiros, PhDinSorcery, Meriyal Dungeon Mge-xe, Mwse, Scenic, Sixth House, Stronghold MMSSH18 2018-11-10 Requires the nightly build of MWSE (2.1+) and MGE XE 0.10.1+
1012 Arkngthunch-Sturdumz Reborn RubberMan Dungeon MMS0071 2018-09-02 Also part of the Dwemer Rebirth Project
1000 Severa Magia DB Fix Corsair83 Dungeon MMS0070 2018-08-19
989 Inner Depths 5 John Kahler aka JMK Dungeon abot's pick, Dwemer, Home, House, Landmass, Quest MMS0069 2018-01-16
975 Bethamez Reborn RubberMan Dungeon Dwemer, Gnisis, Scenic MMM0802 2018-04-10
965 Orrutus Cavern Nicholiathan Quest Dungeon, Quest MMS0068 2018-04-01 May need cleaning
920 Falas Ancestral Tomb Expanded Flash3113 aka Remiros Dungeon Gnisis, Tomb MMS0067 2018-03-18
911 Bloodwind MatthewTheBagel Dungeon Fort, Quest MMSS001 2018-01-09
893 West Gash Retreat Ennet Winterhoof Dungeon MMS0065 2017-12-09 Requires cleaning. Danae's showcase
891 Salt Gems of Bensamsi Melchior Dahrk Quest Dungeon, Scenic MMS0065 2017-12-09 Requires cleaning, heads for TR. Conflicts with Odai Castle
886 Anwen Manor Nera Underrated Dungeon, Home, House, Manor MMS0065 2017-12-09 Requires cleaning
868 Mzahnch Reborn RubberMan, RubberBoy Quest abot's pick, Bloodmoon, Dungeon, Dwemer, Resource, Solstheim MMMAD09 2017-11-17
857 Deep Watch Abyss RubberMan, RubberyBoy Quest Dungeon, Dwemer, Scenic MMMAD08 2017-10-18 Still alpha. Will be included in Dwemer Rebirth Project
856 Expedition to Mzelthuand Greatness7, Melchior Dahrk, The Drunken Mudcrab, R-Zero Quest abot's pick, Companion, Dungeon, Dwemer, Magic, Scenic, Scripting MMMAD08 2017-10-18 Requires MWSE v0.9.5-alpha.20151016 or later.
855 The Imperial Dwemer Society LadyPhoenixFireRose, Kiramarshiku, Pseunomix, Danae Quest Dungeon, Dwemer, Magic, Scenic MMMAD08 2017-10-18
853 From Ash to Frost Caeris, EnclaveKiller Quest Armor, Dungeon, Location, Nordic, Npc, Raven Rock, Sixth House, Solstheim MMMAD09 2017-11-03
848 Rise of House Sadras RubberMan, RubberBoy Quest Dialogue, Dungeon, Faction, Home, House MMMAD07 2017-09-28
829 The Necrotic Sanctuary VvardenfellTribez Dungeon MMS0062 2017-07-15
820 Mzuhnch - A Dwemer Ruin Rashiel Bonus Dungeon, Dwemer MMS0062 2017-07-15
802 Dunirai Caverns Expanded Jsp25 Dungeon Cavern, Mine, Scenic MMS0060 2017-01-07 Already included in Mines and Caverns compilation by the same author.
800 Crypts of the Dead CryptsOfTheDead Quest Caldera, Dungeon, Scenic MMS0060 2017-01-07 Conflicts with most Caldera expansion mods, requires cleaning.
791 Mines and Caverns Jsp25 Dungeon Cavern, Mines MMS0057 2017-06-08
773 Tos Caverns Dalin Blast from the Past Dungeon MMS0059 2017-03-06 Needs cleaning.
767 The Mysterious Tower Mad Wolf Dungeon Imperial, Tower MMS0058 2017-02-28 Needs cleaning, conflicts with Village of Tel Fyr.
753 Yanemus Expanded Jsp25 Dungeon Cavern MMS0057 2017-02-11
751 Skyfury Keep Stormwyynd Quest Dungeon, House MMS0057 2017-02-11
740 Dungeon & Diamond Arcimaestro Antares Dungeon abot's pick, Location, Resource, Sadrith Mora, Thief, Trap MMS0056 2017-02-08 May get missing sound file error, safe to ignore
720 Abaelun Underground Jsp25 Dungeon Dungeon MMS0055 2016-11-30
712 Nehfaern Sanctuary Aaron Dickey aka Vaaish Blast from the Past Dungeon, Dwarven, Dwemer, Gnisis, Quest MMS0054 2016-11-05 Requires cleaning, conflicts with Tamriel Rebuilt
704 Wanderfell Archaeologist Society Pro Davidevil Dungeon Dwarven, Dwemer MMS0054 2016-11-05 Modest interior lag, requires Cleaning, conflicts with Epic Sadrith Mora, Epic Dagon Fel
700 Greater Samarys Varlothen Dungeon abot's pick, Scenic DMMS0011 2016-11-02 + Very well built tomb, doesn't scream MOD! but still has an original layout.
+ Super balanced loot, especially for a new character
+ Plays nicely with other mods (tombs, extended, creatures addons, tomb loot addons)
690 Falensarano - The Ruined Stronghold CarrotFerret Dungeon Scenic MMS0053 2016-10-28
683 Cave of Wonders LadyPhoenixFireRose Dungeon MMS0052 2016-09-13 Minor interior lag.
656 Fourth Era Solstheim Eldermaster28 Dungeon abot's pick, Dungeon, Dwemer MMS0050 2016-08-17 Requires cleaning. Conflicts with Christmas Manor. Conflicts with Solstheim - Tomb of the Snow Prince. Available in more
Requires cleaning. Conflicts with Christmas Manor. Conflicts with Solstheim - Tomb of the Snow Prince. Available in SOPP.
650 Nchardamz, Skyrim Style Ruins RubberMan Modder's Resource abot's pick, Bloodmoon, Dungeon, Dwemer, Resource, Solstheim MMS0050 2016-08-17 requires cleaning. Conflicts with Solstheim - Tomb of the Snow Prince. Available in SOPP.
637 Winds of Sheogorad - A Landscape Overhau CarrotFerret Landmass Dungeon, Location, Scenic MMS0049 2016-04-30 Conflicts with: Dagon Fel Updated, Sheogorad - The Frozen North
634 Greater Addamasartus Tonal Architect Dungeon Dwarven, Dwemer MMS0049 2016-04-30
594 Dragon's Lair Gorg Dungeon Dragon, Quest MMS0046 2016-03-09
588 Shallit Hideout Istreddify Underrated Cave, Dungeon, House, Npc, Quest MMS0045 2016-02-27
581 Arkngthand Ragox Dungeon Dungeon, Dwemer MMS0045 2016-02-27
544 Castlevania - Dark Sanctuary The Dark Man, Xenothrope, ModMan Quest Castle, Dungeon, Landmass MMS0042 2016-01-20 requires cleaning
542 Ayleid Remnants John Kahler aka JMK Dungeon abot's pick, Dungeon, Landmass, Location, Quest, Scenic MMS0042 2016-01-20 alternate download. Also available in SOPP.
537 Party at Boro's House Marbred Blast from the Past Dungeon, House, Quest MMS0041 2015-11-24
532 WonderWind King Moyer aka TrulyOriginalArtCom Landmass abot's pick, Dungeon, Landmass, Underground MMS0041 2015-11-24 Moderate lag possible in cavern cells. Conflicts with Solstheim - Tomb of the Snow Prince. A patch is available in SOPP.
517 Skeleterra Wildman Dungeon Creature, Dungeon, Npc MMS0040 2015-11-16 Minor interior lag
499 Crooked Tower Noirgrim Blast from the Past abot's pick, Dungeon, Isle, Location, Quest, Scenic, Tower MMS0038 2015-08-17 Requires cleaning
478 The Cave of Woe Zdim Dungeon Dungeon, Quest MMS0037 2015-08-01
451 In the Pit Crankgorilla Dungeon Dungeon MMS0035 2015-06-03 May need cleaning
432 Three Shades of Darkness Zdim Underrated abot's pick, Dungeon, Quest MMS0033 2015-05-03 May need cleaning
425 Abandoned Well at Dagon Fel Jmanowar Dungeon Dagon Fel, Dungeon MMS0033 2015-05-03 May need cleaning
393 Galur Rithari: The Rest of the Story Curmudgeon, LostInSpace Blast from the Past Book, Dungeon, Quest MMS0030 2015-03-14
365 Mysterious Tower Mad Wolf Dungeon Dungeon MMS000B 2012-07-23
344 Dungeon Expansion Pack SoulofChrysamere Dungeon Dungeon MMS0028 2015-02-08 Requires cleaning
332 Thorn's Lament Kieve Dungeon Dungeon, Quest MMS0007 2014-09-06
330 Privateer's Hold Jman0WarS, ManaUser Dungeon Daggerfall-inspired, Dungeon MMS0012 2014-10-11
316 Vivec Home Domus Foraminis Jan Heuser aka Skil8 Dungeon Dungeon, Scenic, Vivec MMS0027 2015-01-31 Conflicts with Lotus Moon, Vivec Expansion, may require cleaning.
291 Endusal and Tureynulal Redone Trainwiz Dungeon Dungeon MMS0025 2015-01-19
261 Dwemer Flying Fortress Alec Adams Bonus Dungeon MMS0022 2014-12-20 Mod requires some cleaning


252 Bloodmoon Dwemer Additions PCC aka Blockhead Dungeon Dungeon MMS0022 2014-12-20
249 Sotha Sil Expanded Team SSE Popular abot's pick, Dungeon, Dwemer, Quest MMS0022 2014-12-20 Some lag possible in interior cells
239 Dunmer Strongholds Expanded Neoptolemus Dungeon Dungeon MMS0021 2014-12-13 Some lag possible
226 The Juggernaut Paylardo Dungeon Dungeon, Ship MMS0020 2014-12-06
200 Dunzar PCC aka Blockhead Dungeon Dungeon MMS0018 2014-11-22
186 Greater Dwemer Ruins Darknut Dungeon abot's pick, Dungeon MMS0017 2014-11-15
181 Telos Rin Graveyard Dalin Blast from the Past Dungeon, Quest, Solstheim MMS0016 2014-11-08
168 Ravenloft Bantari Blast from the Past House MMS0015 2014-11-01 May lag in some of the randomly generated dungeons
147 Temple of Malcha FW Dungeon Dungeon MMS0014 2014-10-25 Some Interior Lag
102 Tombs Expanded Zappara Dungeon Dungeon MMS0010 2014-09-27 Lag may occur in some interiors
77 Hlaalu Business 4LOM Underrated Dungeon, Faction, Location, Npc, Quest MMS0007 2014-09-06
61 The Neverhalls and The ForgottenHalls Midgetalien, Vality7 Dungeon abot's pick, Scenic MMS0006 2014-08-30 Conflicts with Solstheim - Tomb of the Snow Prince. Available in SOPP.
38 Daedric Ruin Expansion - Ramamilk SoulofChrysamere Dungeon Dungeon MMS0004 2014-08-15
28 Dark Brotherhood Headquarters Vrolok Dungeon Dungeon MMS0003 2014-08-09
16 Face of the Hortator Infragris aka Keramac Dungeon Dungeon MMS0002 2014-08-02
4 Tureynulal Redone Trainwiz Dungeon Dungeon MMS0001 2014-07-26
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