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A.Zunder 3

Id Name Category Site Link Author Date Description
Glowing Blade Resources MMH 55-10610 A.Zunder 2006-06-06 This is a Modders resource. It contains one Model of a Sword with a glowing effect. One of my first mods, so any criticism is welcome.
The Dirtiest Thief Weapons MMH 98-10643 A.Zunder 2006-06-26 Adds a Woodelf to balmora containing 3 new weapons (and one altered version) This includes a dagger, mace and longsword. the weapons are not in any way uber as they are simply there for aesthetics. All are welcome to use the models in thier own mods, as that is what they where made for.
Peridot Dagger Weapons MMH 98-10634 A.Zunder 2006-06-22 A modders resource, however does include an esp which adds a woodelf to balmora wileding the dagger and two other weapons i have made.     This mod has no conflicts or dependencys