Actions Id Name Category Site Date Author Description
Denina's Household Resources v1.0 Denina Fliggerty 2013-09-07 Denina Since 2012, various folks have made me stuff for my house mods or tweaked Bethesda's meshes by putting different textures on them. In time I learned to use Nifskope a little and retextured some existing stuff either with Bethesda's textures or with those by others, as listed. I've packed this res...
Quorn Resource Integration Melchior Dahrk Fliggerty 2012-09-18 Melchior Dahrk and quorn Quorn Resource Integration
by Melchior Dahrk
Version 1.11
Quorn is a wonderful modder who released a number of resources to expand upon what we were given in the vanilla game. Unfor...
Atronach Expansion Melchior Dahrk Fliggerty 2012-09-10 Melchior Dahrk 1. Description
2. Requirements
3. Installing the plug-in
4. Playing the plug-in
5. Save games
6. Conflicts/Known Errors
7. Credits
8. Contact and Information
9. Legal Stuff/Disclaimer
10. Changelog


This mod takes several community resources as well...
Vivec Weapons 1.1 Stores and Merchants Fliggerty 2012-07-12 Crankgorilla A store in Vivec that stocks 31 custom weapons of quality.
This mod makes use of these resources.
- Schwaa's Custom Objects by Schwaa.
Mighty Angel & Fierce Demon Shields Armor Fliggerty 2011-09-20 iamnone --- Mighty Angel & Fierce Demon Shields ---
(mod for TESIII: Morrowind)
by iamnone
This mod adds two shields using mesh and textures resources by Midgetalien. I have created icons for the shields, given each a name and stats, and created the esp to add the items to the game.

Both shie...
Uvirith (Telvanni) Modder's Resource Stuporstar Fliggerty 2016-12-24 Stuporstar A huge modder's resource including all the Telvanni meshes I made or altered for use in Uvirith's Legacy and related mods. Many of these were cobbled together from original meshes and resources other people made.
Includes inverted meshes based on Donner Gott's resource, using Champion of Hircine...
Stinkers 2.0 to 3.0 Upgrader Stuporstar Fliggerty 2013-09-10 Stuporstar This is an upgrade patch for any mod with built-in Stinkers 2.0 compatibility. It will replace all Stinkers 2.0 resources with Stinkers 3.0 resources. Run this mod continuously alongside Stinkers 3.0 to ensure all 2.0 resources are automatically replaced as you play the game.
Though this mod upd...
MSG: Misc Specialty Goods Miscellaneous Fliggerty 2012-07-02 Wildman MSG: Misc Specialty Goods
A mod for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
by Wildman

This adds several new shops placed across the land featuring a variety of new meshes, community resources, and vanilla pieces used in new ways.

The Shops:

Stick Fences Midgetalien Fliggerty 2013-04-10 Midgetalien This resources contains the meshes and textures for a stick fence
There are three meshes:
- A full fence
- A fence without an end
- A fence end
All three can be used in conjuntion with each other to make a nice fence in any layout.
Inspired by skyrims wicker fences for farms and small garden...
Dwemer Resources 1 Midgetalien Fliggerty 2011-08-18 Midgetalien This resources contains the meshes needed for a Dwemer Lantern and a Dwemer bed ( that can be used ;))
ITs is a modders resource and only contains the meshes. As such nothing is placed in the CS.

YOU MUST set the meshes up in the CS and place them in game in order ot use these meshes.
Skullcrusher Skin Resources MMH 2002-06-18 Dekkon & Nomad_17
Free Model Set #2 Resources MMH 2002-08-13 coodiak A model of a carrying bag slung over the right shoulder. Uses up the right pauldron armor space. More for effect and Npc appearance.
Missing Wall Piece Resources MMH 2002-11-15 Beardo Here is a missing static wall piece NIF(common stone theme) uses stock tex Install instructions and full credit in readme
TF_7 New Tapestries Resources MMH 2002-11-18 TextureFreak This one adds 7 new textures for the common tapestries. They are more classic this time. I hope you like it.
Bloodpool Resources MMH 2003-04-07 Lord Gabryael Simply retextures the muck pond into a blood pool, so that you can make ponds, pools, and even waterfalls of dark red blood. The models are NOT used in a mod, but are here to be used by others.
Sylvan Houses Resources MMH 2003-08-08 Soulshade This is a set of 5 Sylvan house models, complete with interiors. The sizes range from a small hut to a large manor.
TF_Fireplace Replacer Resources MMH 2003-09-22 TextureFreak This mod replaces most of the in nord_fireplaces with four retextured versions. You can find these retextured version in Caldera, Dagon Fel, Pelagiad and Seyda Neen. I will update this mod in the future and fix all standard MW houses that do have chimneys but mysteriously don't have a fireplace i...
Dracus' Mortar & Pestle Model Resources MMH 2003-09-29 Dracus Dragani Included here is an orginal mortar and pestle model for use in mods along with an icon file for use as an item. If you want to see what it looks like then go to my website: Morrowind Dimensions
Dracus' Tree Model Pack Resources MMH 2003-09-29 Dracus Dragani Included here are 3 original tree models for use in mods - all one style of tree with 3 variations. These trees were originally made for a tree replace mod that I was working on but it never got finished, so these are the models that I have left from it. If you want to...
Dracus' Umbrella Model Pack Resources MMH 2003-09-29 Dracus Dragani Included here are 4 umbrella models with 2 styles...a common style and a beach style umbrella. Each style has both an open and a folded umbrella model I originally created these models for a mod that made NPCs equip an umbrella when it rains, doing this by making the op...
Retextured Halberd Resources MMH 2003-10-15 Cid88 A modders resource to be used in any mod, as long as you give me credit. A nicely retextured halberd.
Retextured Warhammer Resources MMH 2003-10-15 Cid88 Just a retextured warhammer for a modder's use. You can use it in your mod, as long as you give me credit.
Oriental Blade and Saber Resources MMH 2003-10-15 Cid88 Two retextured weapons, an Oriental Blade, and a duel saber intended for modders only. You can use it in a mod and publish it, as long as you give me credit.
Ceremonial Blade Texture Resources MMH 2003-10-15 Cid88 Simply a retextured weapon with very nice details. Can be used as a sword or a dagger, depending on the modder's choice. Note: This is a modder's resource, not a mod. You'll have to insert it into a mod yourself. You can use it in any mod, as long as you gi...
TF_Sand Land Textures Resources MMH 2004-03-14 TextureFreak I've had these 6 sand land textures sitting on my harddisk for way too long so now I finally found the time to edit them and make them ready for departure. The textures are 256 x 256 in size and I edited them a long time ago when I had a much slower system so they are somewhat l...
Tolkar Dai-katana Resources MMH 2004-03-29 Tolkar New retextured Dai-katana, it's in the vicinity of Wayn at Balmora Fighters Guild. This is one of my first plugins, enjoy. This plugin can be used by any modders in their mod, just give me credit.
TF_Velothi Tileset update Resources MMH 2004-05-30 TextureFreak This little update replaces the texture from the TF_velothi_tileset mod (01) with a better tiling texture. Texture has been improved by Kiriel. For more info please read the readme file included with the update.
The Imperial Meshes Pack Resources MMH 2004-07-07 Alcar Here are some meshes in imperial style. This pack adds 51 new meshes for imperial castles like a drawbridge(with script and lever), interior and exterior windows, interior stair, exterior illuminated windows and some other interesting meshes. There are some examples in ...
Cultist Resource Pack Resources MMH 2004-07-11 Astion This is a simple package that contains my first retextures for Morrowind. 1 Retextured Morag Tong robe (Black, silver and blue jewels) 1 Retextured Daedric Crescent (Darker blade, red silhouette symbol on hilt 1 Retextured Templar Pauldron mes...
The Daedric Statue Replacer Pack Resources MMH 2004-08-01 Astion This plugin will replace the meshes and textures of all the Daedric statues in the game. In addition, the eyes of the "Talker" statues are now glowmapped with unique colours for that eerie sense of supernatural presence. There are three different styles of statue: Gold...
NPC Spelling List Resources MMH 2004-08-22 Vysion This mod is my first - and it is not even a mod. Instead it is a spelling list I culled from a file sent to me by Om on the forums. Of course, the text itself is from Bethesda. All I did was take the NPC master list and shrink it down to hav...
Flora additions v1.01 Resources MMH 2004-09-05 Greybeard There is not enough beauty in Morrowind! At least not enough for modders, eh? Well, to help to alleviate that problem, I've added variations of a number of Bethesda's plants. Where there was one variation each of flora_plant_01 ... _04, there are now 5 or six. There are also quite a few variation...
Crom's Blade Resources MMH 2004-09-29 Schwaa I made this sword for a Thief mission I made, and thought others might like it as well. Please see readme for install how-to, as it is a modder's resource, not in the game at present and needs to be added to the CS
Wooden Armor Mannequins Resource Resources MMH 2004-12-06 ReflectioN Every now and then a question comes up on the Elderscrolls Forums about wooden armor mannequins and how to make them. I've created this little resource mod to enable people to make their own wooden armor mannequins. This mod is just a modder's resource. It contains no esp fi...
Simple Mannequins v1.3 Resources MMH 2005-02-01 Bell-chan This plugin adds placeable mannequins for use in your own mods. There are male and female mannequins for each race and a practice dummy. The mannequins can be found under the NPCs with the IDs "bc_mannequin_[race]_[gender]" and the inventory items are under the Misc Items with IDs...
Coil of Rope Resources MMH 2005-02-06 Stabbey_the_Clown It doesn't do anything. It adds a miscellaneous item, a pickupable coil of rope to the game. It has no purpose. It is a resource for modders only.
Realistic Grass Resources MMH 2005-03-29 Geonox This is the animated and static version of the grass models. The grass will move ingame however tga/transparat textures and animated textures will slow the game down. If you have trouble viewing Balmora I suggest you use the non animated [static] version. This is a modders re...
Creepy Voices Resources MMH 2005-03-29 Moosa It's just some new sounds I recorded them with my voice for modders to use to add some new sounds to creatures they create or for the others. Has 4 folders and every one has three sounds similiar to each other. 1 of them looks like a skeleton or an ancestral ghost.
Transparency Test Resources MMH 2005-04-21 RX31 I created this mod to demonstrate the many transparency settings which are available for the Tes Shader, Transparency Modes, Advanced in the TesExporter. I?ve made this pretty much for my own purpose to find just the right transparency. Morrowind is all that is required...
Dwemer Vertical Shaft Meshes Resources MMH 2005-05-01 pianomanDylan Dwemer style meshes, meant for vertical movement. (hence the name vertical shaft). Very small files, Includes shaft, shaft extrude, top, endcap, platform, and every combination of exit style for the extrude (1, 2A, 2L, 3, 4). Total of 10 meshes .
Smighter Resources MMH 2005-05-16 Ivan Arnochik The mod contains 5 files: 4 textures "*.bmp" and one "*.nif" file called "Smighter". There is nothing special about the file, simply model and textures for a new weapon.
The Arched tile set Resources MMH 2005-05-19 Oom Fooyat This is a basic indoor tile set with tiles for hallways and ?single hight? rooms. The set is based on arched ceilings and smooth walls with a border. This releas is a set of nif-files only.
Dwemer Platform Pack Resources MMH 2005-05-19 pianomanDylan All dwemer textures, there are 6 meshes: 512 platform, 256 platform,beam, 512 beam, a beam clamp, and a pipe-column. They are all highly compatible with each other, and I had fun playing with them when I finished. And like the last meshes I made, the file is so small it would b...
Rays of Light Resources MMH 2005-05-22 Qarl new meshes for modders. 3 styles of 5 colors of light rays. Glow-mapped. No collision. Not placed in game.
Silver Katana Resources MMH 2005-05-28 VagabondAngel This is primarily intended as a resource but includes the .esp I use for my own game, which adds the new mesh (Hissyo mesh with more traditional tsuka) as a Silver Katana to levelled lists. One is also for sale at Alusaron's - one of the smith's in Vivec Foreign Quarter.
Pearl Light Resource Resources MMH 2005-06-02 Redguard_Slayer This is a Modders Resource, meaning that it can be used in whatever way you wish, place it in you mod, retexture it, whatever. All I ask is that you give me credit for the mesh if you release your work. The Pearl is glowmapped, and has been positioned so that it can be ...
Sword and Sheath Resources MMH 2005-06-13 E1team This is another version of the sheath and sword I meshed recently. Only now I have added a serpent blade and made some retexturing. This plugin includes meshes of a sheath and a sword. I made an esp file but it doesn't add the sheath and sword to the game it's m...
Archer Tapestries Resources MMH 2005-06-27 Craigor Only textures included in this. Textures are 256x512 and should work with your standard tapestry mesh or any other vertical hanging meshes. Feel free to use these textures in any mod you wish. If you do use them in a released mod, just add me to your credits or something. Enjoy!
Legato's Akaviri Resource Pack Resources MMH 2005-07-01 Legato
Sword of Kahless v1.0 Resources MMH 2005-07-02 Jerothac This mod adds the Sword of Kahless to the construction set. I did not make this mod, and if Katana3DG shows back up, then I will take it down. A really excellent version of the Bat'leth from 'Star Trek'
All stronghold non-equipping transport ring Resources MMH 2005-07-13 Torch654 After you get your stronghold started go to the shabby bedroll in the census office in Seyda Neen. The ring will be in the small chest over the bedroll. When equipped a message box asks which stronghold you want to go to, when you pick one the ring go's back in your inventory wi...
Clothing Change Resources MMH 2005-07-25 Geofizz A modders resource consisting of several scripts allowing an NPCs or mannequins clothes/armor to be changed on the fly by a player in game.
Katana3DG's Fang of Baelin Resources MMH 2005-07-29 Jerothac The Fang of Baelin is another creation of Master Weaponsmith Kit Rae. I have altered the design slightly to make it look more useful in the game. Note: I have not yet figured out how to link a different animation to the use of this weapon, so the standard a...
Psychedelic Mushrooms v1.0 Resources MMH 2005-08-09 Qarl sizes of 3 different mushroom shapes for a total of 9 meshes. They're alpha channel enable (translucent) and glow mapped (glowy).
TF_Bead Curtains Resources MMH 2005-08-11 TextureFreak This small modders resource includes 3 different bead curtain styles. Each of these 3 styles have 2 different models. There is one style fit for the bigger halls, one for the common doorway and one for the common windows. The models have no collision detection meaning t...
Daedric Scimitar Resources MMH 2005-08-31 JediKnight The mod adds the Daedric Scimtar to the usual Dremora Lord and Golden Saint leveled item lists. The weapon is unenchanted, but there is also an enchanted one you can find near one of Malacaths statues. This is a noncheat mod; my first fully-functional, actually. It oughtta fill your...
Blank Level List Resources MMH 2005-09-21 TrevorDemented This is a set of ESPs that have blank level lists or level list that are set for creatures or NPCs to spawn at a certain level. The totally blank level list spawn at level zero and in the ESPs name you tell what level setting is for spawning enemies. This is the b...
Imperial Style Museum Displays Resources MMH 2005-09-25 Heremod Production This is not a mod, only a modders resource. This adds new textures for two static objects in Tribunal add-on: Furn_museum_display_01 and - Furn_museum_display_02, located in cell Mournhold, Museum of Artifacts. Textures are designed to be used w...
Clothing mesh collection for BB\, Male coat add-on Resources MMH 2005-09-27 NioLiv This is an add-on for my previously released clothing mesh collection for Better Bodies. The pack contains two variations of a plain coat and a shirt in the same style, which can be worn underneath the coats. All meshes are suited for male characters only. All models co...
Stone Animal Statues Resources MMH 2005-09-28 dongle Three of the Bloodmoon animals ? Bear, Boar, and Wolf ? re-realized as stone statues. Nice decorations for any rustic home. The wolf is available in three poses. This is a pack of models only, no playable mod is included.
Printing Press Resources MMH 2005-09-28 dongle An antique style letterpress. Mass-produced books are found all over Morrowind, even a newspaper publisher in Mournhold, yet you never see a printing press? No more. This is a model only, no playable mod is included
Druids Staff Resources MMH 2005-09-28 dongle A mystical staff. Partly natural growth, partly formed by magics. Only the most powerful of Druids could hope to wield one. Some of the staffs have been empowered with growing leaves, some with tree-pods, look closely and one can behold the life force pulsing within...
Chinese Junk Resources MMH 2005-09-28 dongle A basic model of a Chinese Junk sailing ship. One exterior, and one interior, model are included. Lower polygon count than my Galeon model, but not as detailed. This is a pack of models only, no playable mod is included.
Canopy Bed Resources MMH 2005-09-28 dongle A luxurious swirlwood bed, with a fine white lace canopy. Suitable for the finest bedrooms in Vvardelfell. This is a model only, no playable mod is included.
MWEdit Template Data Maker Resources MMH 2005-11-07 Malic This program was designed for one purpose: to convert the tab delimited files output by The Elder Scrolls Construction Set(TESCS) into comma separated value (CSV) files that can be used by MWEdits Script Template feature. Excell or some other spreadsheet software will p...
The Skinky sharpshooters Dark elf Head Resources MMH 2005-11-14 The Skinky Sharpshooter This is a modders reasource. It has a dark elf head mesh and texture. This is just one of my experiments with NIFtexture.
Beastbane v1.1 aka Narcatas' Maces Resources MMH 2005-11-14 Narcatas This mod contains two spiked clubs. The IDs in the editor are Narcatas_Mace_1 and Narcatas_Mace_2. If you want to use this mod in-game, open your console, mark your character and type: additem Narcatas_Mace_1 1 Enjoy!
Clocktower v1.1 Resources MMH 2005-11-18 Charon the Hand This mod contains an analog clock that tells in-game time. Set up in a new cell called clocktower for modders, or if ou want to see it in game, there is another clock on top of Vivecs Palace. 1.1 A bit better scripting, fixed a time reset bug when you sleep/rest past midnight in the cell with the...
Cypherous Weapons !beta! Resources MMH 2005-11-28 Booshanto This is a mod that adds some nicely retextured weapons and a weapons mearchant in Seyda Neen, they are not really balanced well, so you will have to judge me on that one.
Vixen Vega's Arched Tileset Resources MMH 2005-12-13 Vixen Vega This is a re-texture of Clavis's Arched Tileset #4 originaly modeled by Oom Fooyat.
Hoss' Armor Display Case Resources MMH 2005-12-18 Hoss One display case, consisting of two parts: Glass and Case. Made with swirlwood texture and my glass texture. You are free to use it in your mods. The way I used them (might be a better way, i guess...): Put both parts as static and arranged them together...
MJY Robot Companions Resources MMH 2005-12-18 Mighty Joe Young This mod contains robots and some slaves of Morrowind. There is a "book" that tells the story, also how much they cost (2000 g each). The meshes: some are from my Seaquest mod, but some are modified also. New ones have been added, new textures for some. You can get...
Winter Wonderland Resource Pack Resources MMH 2005-12-18 Geonox This mod only adds snow in three different areas; Ald-ruhn, Balmora, and Ebonheart This mod is basically a resource pack to add snow in Morrowind for those who don't have Bloodmoon. Merry Christmas!
Vixen Vega's Plain Tileset Resources MMH 2005-12-20 Vixen Vega Two simple retextures of the common plain tileset.
Exterior Hlaalu Tile Set for TES3 - Houses v1.01 Resources MMH 2005-12-21 Oom Fooyat This is a modular tile set that mimics the exterior Hlaalu architecture and is primarily a modders resource. The main purpose of the set is to make it possible to recreate Hlaalu houses in TES4, but it has showed itself quite useful in TES3 too. The release contains 105 new objects i...
Modder's Font Pack Resources MMH 2005-12-23 Tarnsman A collection of freeware fonts offered as modding resource, and as a way to distribute the Olde English font which is used in the Empirical Morrowind webpage []. There is a total of 53 fonts in this pack including the Obilivon fonts for Mo...
Glass Weapons Pack Resources MMH 2006-01-11 Sypron Three new Glass weapon meshes retextured from old ones. includes mace, longbow and wakazashi. no esp file included.
Raven Scimitar Resources MMH 2006-01-12 TIMorrowind Modding Team The sword itself is not in game, but it is in esp file, meaning you will have to use the additem command to add the sword. There is also a ring that goes with the sword. Same deal with the ring, you need to add the ring and sword to your inventory through the console. He...
Alpha/Glow Mapped Horses v1.2 Resources MMH 2006-01-25 Psymoniser [Newly_Added_Nightmare] Newly_Added_Nightmare This contains alpha channel and glow map enabled horse meshes as a modders resource. I just used Caits horse meshes and added the alpha channel and glow map using NIBLE (NetImersive Block Editor). They have just been sat on my Hard Drive for a month or... more
[Newly_Added_Nightmare] Newly_Added_Nightmare This contains alpha channel and glow map enabled horse meshes as a modders resource. I just used Caits horse meshes and added the alpha channel and glow map using NIBLE (NetImersive Block Editor). They have just been sat on my Hard Drive for a month or two so I thought I'd release them as a Modde...
Feeank Resource Island for Modders Resources MMH 2006-02-27 Feeank This mod adds 2 exterior cells (-18,5 and -17,5) and 3 interior cells. No transportation is provided, you'll have to use the console, swim or levitate. If you plan to get there without console go to Khartag Point and from there swim SouthWest for a few minutes, It should be a bit difficult to fin...
Development Training Resources MMH 2006-03-10 Jason A. Parker Have you gotten tired of changing your character's stats to test mods? Don't like having moded stats not line up with in game leveling? This mod adds a room to the Seyda Neen Census & Excise Office that contains master trainers for all skills, a place to rest for level-up, and a gold ...
Combat Detector Resources MMH 2006-03-11 Burning Thunder This mod shows modders how to detect when someone is in combat. So far there has been no known way to do this. So this may be useful for scripters who want to make things happen when someone is in combat. For extra details, see the readme.
Silver Flame Armor Resources MMH 2006-04-04 Kieve Originally my answer to a [REQ] thread by Adanorcil. He was looking for a guard's cuirass, and ended up receiving a full suit of armor, plus a weapon with a sheathing script. However, the mod it was offered to has long since disappeared from the radar, to my knowledge. Or perhaps it w...
Alternate Werewolf Textures v1.1 Resources MMH 2006-04-13 Psymoniser [Alternate Textures] Alternate Textures This is a Resource, it contains 9 colour variations of the Bloomoon Werewolf textures. This is to allow people the choice of what they would like their Werewolves to look like. The image on this page shows 6 of the 9 colours, the others being slight variatio... more
[Alternate Textures] Alternate Textures This is a Resource, it contains 9 colour variations of the Bloomoon Werewolf textures. This is to allow people the choice of what they would like their Werewolves to look like. The image on this page shows 6 of the 9 colours, the others being slight variations on black, grey, and brown/red, howev...
Imperial Sabers Resources MMH 2006-04-19 Southern_Convert TL_Cellar_tileset by Wildman aka Trey Leavens
Update: In the coming weeks, I will be working on a continuation of this saber pack. The original Imperial Sabers will be included, along with it's own values. Others will come, and all w...
Easter Eggs Resources MMH 2006-04-20 Horodnic Dragos This is a modder's resource and anyone is free to use it. For more information read the readme.txt file. I made this to add some easter athmosphere.
Marble Textures Resources MMH 2006-04-24 CJW-Craigor This is a modders resource. Adds new marble textured interior cells (based on in_c_stone meshes). No .esp so you'll have to add them yourself. Full ReadMe included with download.
TL_Cellar_Tileset v1.0 Resources MMH 2006-04-27 Wildman TL_Cellar_tileset by Wildman aka Trey Leavens Inspired by a request from Craigor I built a cellar door entrance for the exterior of houses, which then needed an interior piece for the way back out, so came into being a si...
Glowing Blade Resources MMH 2006-06-06 A.Zunder This is a Modders resource. It contains one Model of a Sword with a glowing effect. One of my first mods, so any criticism is welcome.
Ashlander's Fury Sword v3.0 Resources MMH 2006-06-15 WildKarrde This is a MODDERS RESOURCE, but it also has a playable esp. If you use the playable version the sword can be found in the Ashkhan's Yurt in the Erabenimsun Village.
Changelog: **Update** V2.0 - Made the sword a bit larger and lengthened the blade a bit...
Slartibartfast's Seamless Textures v1.0 Resources MMH 2006-06-24 Slartibartfast [SBF Algae] SBF Algae This is a modder's resource pack containing 30 seamless textures made by me. 12 of them are from photographs I took myself, whilst the remainder were extracted from freeware photo resources, downloaded from the internet. This pack is not a texture replacer and you... more
[SBF Algae] SBF Algae This is a modder's resource pack containing 30 seamless textures made by me. 12 of them are from photographs I took myself, whilst the remainder were extracted from freeware photo resources, downloaded from the internet. This pack is not a texture replacer and you will need to rename the textures...
Heart of the Zainab (Cutlass/Scimitar) Resources MMH 2006-06-28 WildKarrde sword mesh and textures. A test .esp is included which adds 1 copy to the Zainab Ashkhan Yurt.
Slartibartfast's Seamless Textures 2 v1.0 Resources MMH 2006-06-29 Slartibartfast [SBF Rock + SBF Stones] SBF Rock + SBF Stones This is a modder's resource pack containing 30 seamless textures made by me. 2 of them are from photographs i took myself whilst the remainder were extracted from freeware photo resources, downloaded from the internet. This pack... more
[SBF Rock + SBF Stones] SBF Rock + SBF Stones This is a modder's resource pack containing 30 seamless textures made by me. 2 of them are from photographs i took myself whilst the remainder were extracted from freeware photo resources, downloaded from the internet. This pack is not a texture replacer and you will need to rename the textures a...
Dialogless Companion template Resources MMH 2006-07-09 Flycatcher Dialogless companion template. This is a small project I made wile working on another project and must be considered a beta [b]What is it?[/b]> Well it's a script - with it you can create your own companion in TECS b...
Phijama's Bits and Bobs Resource Resources MMH 2006-08-01 Phijama This is a modder's resource by Phijama. It adds nineteen item: 5 bowls, trays, 5 plates, 3 drums and a lute. All new meshes and textures. These are for any modder to use in their projects, please consult the readme for any questions.
Phijama's Bow Resource Resources MMH 2006-08-02 Phijama This resource contains nine bows. All except one are based on modern/historical bows (1 Recurve, 2 Compound, 1 Short, 1 Asymmetrical, Hunting) along with one fantasy warbow with special animations. There are also a number of new arrows designed to compliment these bows. ...
PS Furniture Statics v1.0 Resources MMH 2006-08-05 Kiriel This module came about while learning how to reskin and how to use PaintShop Pro. It contains official Morrowind and Tribunal items, reskinned. Most of the textures are from Morrowind or Tribunal. Some are modified from those, maybe rotated or resized. Others are created from photos of my carpet,...
Sextant and Shovel Resources MMH 2006-08-06 Starcon Adds sextant and shovel models; the shovel can also be used as a weapon.
Trunks and Chests Resources MMH 2006-08-06 lochnarus A new model of a trunk/chest, with 5 variations of textures and 2 sizes for each texture- a large trunk, or a smaller chest. You can retexture the model very easily with the simple template it has.
Starcon's Chests Resources MMH 2006-08-08 Starcon And yet more chests. Two kinds here, one is with Qarl's Gold Texture.