Actions Id Name Authors Category Tags Video Date Note
2 Lakeside House Brucoms House House MMS0001 2014-07-26
3 Smart Crosshairs Adul Gameplay Gameplay, Mge, Mwse MMS0001 2014-07-26
4 Tureynulal Redone Trainwiz Dungeon Dungeon MMS0001 2014-07-26
5 Board Games Danae Item Item MMS0001 2014-07-26
6 East Empire Company Expansion The Drunken Mudcrab Quest Landmass, Quest MMS0001 2014-07-26
7 Aln'Baldrahn Melchior Dahrk Landmass abot's pick, Landmass MMS0001 2014-07-26
8 Dynamic Morrowind Towns Bumperlips NPC Npc MMS0001 2014-07-26
9 HiRes Robes Flash3113 aka Remiros Meshes and Textures Mesh, Texture MMS0001 2014-07-26
10 Dagon Fel Mill Thondur Underrated abot's pick, Dagon Fel, House, Scenic, Service MMS0001 2014-07-26
11 Trade Disputes Dalin Blast from the Past abot's pick, Location, Quest MMS0001 2014-07-26
12 Hagrnat Flying Fortress Gazoline Bonus House MMS0001 2014-07-26
13 Caverns Overhaul Lougian Popular abot's pick, Cavern, Scenic MMS0002 2014-08-02
14 Lotus Moon Liramei House House MMS0002 2014-08-02
15 Projectile Overhaul Mr. Magic Gameplay Gameplay MMS0002 2014-08-02
16 Face of the Hortator Infragris aka Keramac Dungeon Dungeon MMS0002 2014-08-02
17 Dockside Clutter The Wanderer Item abot's pick, Item, Scenery, Scenic MMS0002 2014-08-02 Available in SOPP.
18 The Great Tribe of the Bear Slaanesh The Corruptor Quest Quest, Town MMS0002 2014-08-02
19 Tel Nechim Moved Version with TR Compatibility Antiscamp, Abot Landmass abot's pick, Island, Isle, Landmass, Npc, Quest, Telvanni MMS0002 2014-08-02 relocated south of Port Telvannis


20 Dreamers Expansion Ivolga aka Aoimevelho NPC Npc MMS0002 2014-08-02
21 Velas Manor Improvements Vegtabill Underrated House MMS0002 2014-08-02
22 Furniture Store Dave Humphrey Blast from the Past Furniture, Item, Location, Misc., Shop MMS0002 2014-08-02
23 Furniture Store Patch John Moonsugar Blast from the Past Furniture, Patch, Shop MMS0002 2014-08-02
24 Down the Well Cml33 aka CLyle Bonus House MMS0002 2014-08-02
25 Better Landscapes - Stonewood Pass Mag1cWind0w Popular abot's pick, Balmora, Caldera, Scenic MMS0003 2014-08-09
26 Census and Excise Office Quarters Cml33 aka CLyle Building Building, Seyda Neen MMS0003 2014-08-09
27 Atmospheric Plazas Hollaajith Gameplay Gameplay, Scenic MMS0003 2014-08-09
28 Dark Brotherhood Headquarters Vrolok Dungeon Dungeon MMS0003 2014-08-09
29 The Sable Dragon Pluto Quest abot's pick, Location, Npc, Quest MMS0003 2014-08-09
30 Wyrmhaven Neoptolemus Landmass abot's pick, Landmass, Npc, Quest MMS0003 2014-08-09 moved .esm version here /abot
31 The Hostiles TrevorDemented NPC Npc MMS0003 2014-08-09
32 Arcane Archery Karpik777 Underrated Archery, Building, Faction, Magic MMS0003 2014-08-09
33 Balmora Expansion Gorg, CanadianIce, Jeremy Blast from the Past City, Expansion, Location, Shop MMS0003 2014-08-09 May lag. A more recent video
34 Suran Waterfront Thondur Bonus City, Expansion, Scenic MMS0003 2014-08-09
35 Morrowind Comes Alive Neoptolemus Popular abot's pick, Companion, Npc, Quest MMS0004 2014-08-15
36 Arvs-Spelun Stavroguin House House, Sheogorad MMS0004 2014-08-15
37 Prison Moon Enhanced Spirithawke, Nahtaivel Gameplay Gameplay, Scenic MMS0004 2014-08-15
38 Daedric Ruin Expansion - Ramamilk SoulofChrysamere Dungeon Dungeon MMS0004 2014-08-15
39 Enhanced Economics Crankgorilla Item Item MMS0004 2014-08-15
40 A Strange Plant PeterBitt Quest abot's pick, Oblivion Inspired, Quest MMS0004 2014-08-15
41 Tel Meskoa and Tel Matouigius FIM Landmass abot's pick, Landmass, Quest MMS0004 2014-08-15
42 Fetchers MrHelp NPC Npc MMS0004 2014-08-15
43 Inseparable Siblings Reptile Underrated Dialog, Quest, Story MMS0004 2014-08-15
44 Amalyan Temple Mikelman13, Miles_Acraeus, Unforgiven, Eltiraaz Blast from the Past Building, House, Landmass, Location, Service, Shop, Town MMS0004 2014-08-15
45 Balmora Lighthouse JoiRor Bonus House MMS0004 2014-08-15
46 Solstheim - Tomb of the Snow Prince Wollibeebee Popular abot's pick, Overhaul, Scenic, Solstheim, Solstheim Overhaul MMS0005 2014-08-23 See also SOPP.
47 Blightward Player Home Roerich aka Into6darkness Building abot's pick, Building, Home, House MMS0005 2014-08-23
48 Move or Take My Place Abot Gameplay abot's pick, Gameplay, Mwse MMS0005 2014-08-23
49 Serabul  Rellac Town abot's pick, City, Hlaalu, Quest, Scenic, Vivec MMS0005 2014-08-23
50 The Sword of Rolf the Uber Astion Item Item MMS0005 2014-08-23
51 The White Wolf of Lokken Mountain Emma, Teutonic Quest abot's pick, Castle, Companion, Landmass, Npc, Quest MMS0005 2014-08-23
52 Witchwood  LazyGhost Landmass Landmass MMS0005 2014-08-23
53 Creatures  XI Piratelord NPC abot's pick, Creature, Gameplay MMS0005 2014-08-23
54 Better Almalexia Plangkye Meshes and Textures Mesh, Texture MMS0005 2014-08-23
55 Map Deluxe ManaUser Underrated Miscellaneous MMS0005 2014-08-23
56 The Farmer Mod Josh Blast from the Past Building, Economy, House, Strategy, Vendor MMS0005 2014-08-23
57 Dwemer Loot Poodemon aka Lucas Bonus Item MMS0005 2014-08-23
58 Mountainous Red Mountain Piratelord Popular abot's pick, Scenic MMS0006 2014-08-30
59 Dark Castle SkyrimLazz aka Lazz House House MMS0006 2014-08-30
60 Hospitality Papers Quorn Gameplay Gameplay MMS0006 2014-08-30
61 The Neverhalls and The ForgottenHalls Midgetalien, Vality7 Dungeon abot's pick, Scenic MMS0006 2014-08-30 Conflicts with Solstheim - Tomb of the Snow Prince. Available in SOPP.
62 Morrowind Trading Cards Danae Item Item MMS0006 2014-08-30
63 The Raven Von Djangos Quest Quest MMS0006 2014-08-30 Note by abot: buggy standard dialog overwriting may screw some standard quest (e.g.HR_CalderaCorrupt)
64 Helios Keep Sauron256 Landmass Landmass MMS0006 2014-08-30
65 Water Life Abot NPC abot's pick, Creature, Gameplay MMS0006 2014-08-30
66 Reclamations In Holamayan Ivolga aka Aoimevelho Meshes and Textures Mesh, Texture MMS0006 2014-08-30
67 Vivec Flat Occam Underrated House, Vivec MMS0006 2014-08-30
68 Haldenshore JOG Blast from the Past abot's pick, Guild, Landmass, Quest, Seyda Neen, Thieves MMS0006 2014-08-30
69 Suran Underworld 3 Matthew, Wollibeebee Popular Castle, Faction, Npc, Quest, Suran, Vendor MMS0007 2014-09-06
70 Varo Manor AreaFive aka Simbelmyne House House MMS0007 2014-09-06
71 Necessities of Morrowind Taddeus Gameplay abot's pick, Gameplay, Location, Npc MMS0007 2014-09-06 Available in SOPP.
72 Magical Trinkets of Tamriel Chris Woods, Dragon32 Item abot's pick, Item, Magic, Spell MMS0007 2014-09-06 patch here
73 Morrowind Inhabitants: Freeform! Scruggs Quest Quest MMS0007 2014-09-06 patch here
74 Sobitur Facility Dagothagahnim Landmass Landmass MMS0007 2014-09-06
75 Imperial Presence Cml33 aka CLyle NPC Npc MMS0007 2014-09-06
76 Gnisis Temple Minaret Stavroguin Meshes and Textures abot's pick, Mesh, Texture MMS0007 2014-09-06 Available in SOPP.
77 Hlaalu Business 4LOM Underrated Dungeon, Faction, Location, Npc, Quest MMS0007 2014-09-06
78 PC Clothier and PC Smithy Aimeekae Blast from the Past Building, Economy, Strategy, Vendor MMS0007 2014-09-06 patch here, Smithy here
79 Guar Rescue Noggin, Fuchal, & Archie Bonus Quest MMS0007 2014-09-06
80 Undead Arise from Death Arcimaestro Antares Popular Creature MMS0008 2014-09-13
81 Shipwreck Home Jpb1 House abot's pick, Home, House, Scenic MMS0008 2014-09-13
82 Disturb the Dead Zappara Gameplay Gameplay MMS0008 2014-09-13
83 New Gnaar Mok Melchior Dahrk Town Town MMS0008 2014-09-13
84 Beautiful Books Volume I: Grimoires Stuporstar Item Item MMS0008 2014-09-13
85 Magical Missions Von Djangos Quest abot's pick, Quest MMS0008 2014-09-13
86 Stanegau Island Phil Allison Landmass abot's pick, Landmass, Mesh, Quest MMS0008 2014-09-13
87 Import Business; the Merchant of Vvardenfell Psycholex Underrated Business, Economy, Merchant, Strategy MMS0008 2014-09-13
88 Buyable Ghorak Manor Monica21 Blast from the Past House MMS0008 2014-09-13
89 Library Revised Adul Bonus Library MMS0008 2014-09-13
90 CHEST Kiteflyer61 House House MMS0009 2014-09-20
91 Simple Mana Regeneration Raym Gameplay Gameplay MMS0009 2014-09-20
92 Telvanni Warriors Stavroguin Item Item MMS0009 2014-09-20
93 Rise of House Telvanni Pozzo, Karpik777, and bhl Quest abot's pick, Location, Npc, Quest, Telvanni MMS0009 2014-09-20 Some interiors in RoHT will look different with Uvirith's Legacy installed
94 Floating City Thann Landmass Landmass MMS0009 2014-09-20
95 Staff Agency Danae NPC Npc MMS0009 2014-09-20
96 Blades Tower Nymeria Underrated Balmora, Blades, Faction, Gnaar Mok, House MMS0009 2014-09-20
97 Illuminated Order Charles J. DeVito Blast from the Past Quest MMS0009 2014-09-20
98 Gypsy Van Neildarkstar Bonus House MMS0009 2014-09-20 Be sure to get the patch as well
99 Hilgya the Seamstress Plangkye Popular Building, Clothing, Shop, Vendor MMS0010 2014-09-27
100 Seyda Supplies Crankgorilla Building Building, Shop, Vendor MMS0010 2014-09-27
101 Guars Abot Gameplay abot's pick, Creature, Gameplay, Mount MMS0010 2014-09-27
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