Actions Id Name Authors Category Tags Video Date Note
280 Less Generic NPC Project - Pelagiad The LGNPC Team Quest abot's pick, Dialogue, Npc, Quest MMS0024 2015-01-13
341 South Wall, Den of Iniquity Balathustrius Popular Dialogue, Npc MMS0028 2015-02-08 Minor lag possible in Interior cells. Conflicts with: Cozy Shak in Dagon Fel, Faction Living Quarters
848 Rise of House Sadras RubberMan, RubberBoy Quest Dialogue, Dungeon, Faction, Home, House MMMAD07 2017-09-28
849 Olyn Hleran a Redoran Companion Lady Phoenix Fire Rose, Kiramarshiku, Pseunomix, Danae NPC Companion, Dialogue, Home, House, Npc, Quest, Redoran MMMAD07 2017-09-28
1029 Djangos Dialogue Von Djangos NPC Dialogue MMS0072 2018-12-29 Check out Black Feather
1067 Ashlander Traders - Remastered Brother Juniper, Lucevar NPC Dialogue, Travel MMS0075 2021-05-16