Actions Id Name Authors Category Tags Video Date Note
4 Tureynulal Redone Trainwiz Dungeon Dungeon MMS0001 2014-07-26
16 Face of the Hortator Infragris aka Keramac Dungeon Dungeon MMS0002 2014-08-02
28 Dark Brotherhood Headquarters Vrolok Dungeon Dungeon MMS0003 2014-08-09
38 Daedric Ruin Expansion - Ramamilk SoulofChrysamere Dungeon Dungeon MMS0004 2014-08-15
61 The Neverhalls and The ForgottenHalls Midgetalien, Vality7 Dungeon abot's pick, Scenic MMS0006 2014-08-30 Conflicts with Solstheim - Tomb of the Snow Prince. Available in SOPP.
77 Hlaalu Business 4LOM Underrated Dungeon, Faction, Location, Npc, Quest MMS0007 2014-09-06
102 Tombs Expanded Zappara Dungeon Dungeon MMS0010 2014-09-27 Lag may occur in some interiors
147 Temple of Malcha FW Dungeon Dungeon MMS0014 2014-10-25 Some Interior Lag
168 Ravenloft Bantari Blast from the Past House MMS0015 2014-11-01 May lag in some of the randomly generated dungeons
181 Telos Rin Graveyard Dalin Blast from the Past Dungeon, Quest, Solstheim MMS0016 2014-11-08
186 Greater Dwemer Ruins Darknut Dungeon abot's pick, Dungeon MMS0017 2014-11-15
200 Dunzar PCC aka Blockhead Dungeon Dungeon MMS0018 2014-11-22
226 The Juggernaut Paylardo Dungeon Dungeon, Ship MMS0020 2014-12-06
239 Dunmer Strongholds Expanded Neoptolemus Dungeon Dungeon MMS0021 2014-12-13 Some lag possible
249 Sotha Sil Expanded Team SSE Popular abot's pick, Dungeon, Dwemer, Quest MMS0022 2014-12-20 Some lag possible in interior cells
252 Bloodmoon Dwemer Additions PCC aka Blockhead Dungeon Dungeon MMS0022 2014-12-20
261 Dwemer Flying Fortress Alec Adams Bonus Dungeon MMS0022 2014-12-20 Mod requires some cleaning


291 Endusal and Tureynulal Redone Trainwiz Dungeon Dungeon MMS0025 2015-01-19
316 Vivec Home Domus Foraminis Jan Heuser aka Skil8 Dungeon Dungeon, Scenic, Vivec MMS0027 2015-01-31 Conflicts with Lotus Moon, Vivec Expansion, may require cleaning.
330 Privateer's Hold Jman0WarS, ManaUser Dungeon Daggerfall-inspired, Dungeon MMS0012 2014-10-11
332 Thorn's Lament Kieve Dungeon Dungeon, Quest MMS0007 2014-09-06
344 Dungeon Expansion Pack SoulofChrysamere Dungeon Dungeon MMS0028 2015-02-08 Requires cleaning
365 Mysterious Tower Mad Wolf Dungeon Dungeon MMS000B 2012-07-23
393 Galur Rithari: The Rest of the Story Curmudgeon, LostInSpace Blast from the Past Book, Dungeon, Quest MMS0030 2015-03-14
425 Abandoned Well at Dagon Fel Jmanowar Dungeon Dagon Fel, Dungeon MMS0033 2015-05-03 May need cleaning
432 Three Shades of Darkness Zdim Underrated abot's pick, Dungeon, Quest MMS0033 2015-05-03 May need cleaning
451 In the Pit Crankgorilla Dungeon Dungeon MMS0035 2015-06-03 May need cleaning
478 The Cave of Woe Zdim Dungeon Dungeon, Quest MMS0037 2015-08-01
499 Crooked Tower Noirgrim Blast from the Past abot's pick, Dungeon, Isle, Location, Quest, Scenic, Tower MMS0038 2015-08-17 Requires cleaning
517 Skeleterra Wildman Dungeon Creature, Dungeon, Npc MMS0040 2015-11-16 Minor interior lag
532 WonderWind King Moyer aka TrulyOriginalArtCom Landmass abot's pick, Dungeon, Landmass, Underground MMS0041 2015-11-24 Moderate lag possible in cavern cells. Conflicts with Solstheim - Tomb of the Snow Prince. A patch is available in SOPP.
537 Party at Boro's House Marbred Blast from the Past Dungeon, House, Quest MMS0041 2015-11-24
542 Ayleid Remnants John Kahler aka JMK Dungeon abot's pick, Dungeon, Landmass, Location, Quest, Scenic MMS0042 2016-01-20 alternate download. Also available in SOPP.
544 Castlevania - Dark Sanctuary The Dark Man, Xenothrope, ModMan Quest Castle, Dungeon, Landmass MMS0042 2016-01-20 requires cleaning
581 Arkngthand Ragox Dungeon Dungeon, Dwemer MMS0045 2016-02-27
588 Shallit Hideout Istreddify Underrated Cave, Dungeon, House, Npc, Quest MMS0045 2016-02-27
594 Dragon's Lair Gorg Dungeon Dragon, Quest MMS0046 2016-03-09
634 Greater Addamasartus Tonal Architect Dungeon Dwarven, Dwemer MMS0049 2016-04-30
637 Winds of Sheogorad - A Landscape Overhau CarrotFerret Landmass Dungeon, Location, Scenic MMS0049 2016-04-30 Conflicts with: Dagon Fel Updated, Sheogorad - The Frozen North
650 Nchardamz, Skyrim Style Ruins RubberMan Modder's Resource abot's pick, Bloodmoon, Dungeon, Dwemer, Resource, Solstheim MMS0050 2016-08-17 requires cleaning. Conflicts with Solstheim - Tomb of the Snow Prince. Available in SOPP.
656 Fourth Era Solstheim Eldermaster28 Dungeon abot's pick, Dungeon, Dwemer MMS0050 2016-08-17 Requires cleaning. Conflicts with Christmas Manor. Conflicts with Solstheim - Tomb of the Snow Prince. Available in more
Requires cleaning. Conflicts with Christmas Manor. Conflicts with Solstheim - Tomb of the Snow Prince. Available in SOPP.
683 Cave of Wonders LadyPhoenixFireRose Dungeon MMS0052 2016-09-13 Minor interior lag.
690 Falensarano - The Ruined Stronghold CarrotFerret Dungeon Scenic MMS0053 2016-10-28
700 Greater Samarys Varlothen Dungeon abot's pick, Scenic DMMS0011 2016-11-02 + Very well built tomb, doesn't scream MOD! but still has an original layout.
+ Super balanced loot, especially for a new character
+ Plays nicely with other mods (tombs, extended, creatures addons, tomb loot addons)
704 Wanderfell Archaeologist Society Pro Davidevil Dungeon Dwarven, Dwemer MMS0054 2016-11-05 Modest interior lag, requires Cleaning, conflicts with Epic Sadrith Mora, Epic Dagon Fel
712 Nehfaern Sanctuary Aaron Dickey aka Vaaish Blast from the Past Dungeon, Dwarven, Dwemer, Gnisis, Quest MMS0054 2016-11-05 Requires cleaning, conflicts with Tamriel Rebuilt
720 Abaelun Underground Jsp25 Dungeon Dungeon MMS0055 2016-11-30
740 Dungeon & Diamond Arcimaestro Antares Dungeon abot's pick, Location, Resource, Sadrith Mora, Thief, Trap MMS0056 2017-02-08 May get missing sound file error, safe to ignore
751 Skyfury Keep Stormwyynd Quest Dungeon, House MMS0057 2017-02-11
753 Yanemus Expanded Jsp25 Dungeon Cavern MMS0057 2017-02-11
767 The Mysterious Tower Mad Wolf Dungeon Imperial, Tower MMS0058 2017-02-28 Needs cleaning, conflicts with Village of Tel Fyr.
773 Tos Caverns Dalin Blast from the Past Dungeon MMS0059 2017-03-06 Needs cleaning.
791 Mines and Caverns Jsp25 Dungeon Cavern, Mines MMS0057 2017-06-08
800 Crypts of the Dead CryptsOfTheDead Quest Caldera, Dungeon, Scenic MMS0060 2017-01-07 Conflicts with most Caldera expansion mods, requires cleaning.
802 Dunirai Caverns Expanded Jsp25 Dungeon Cavern, Mine, Scenic MMS0060 2017-01-07 Already included in Mines and Caverns compilation by the same author.
820 Mzuhnch - A Dwemer Ruin Rashiel Bonus Dungeon, Dwemer MMS0062 2017-07-15
829 The Necrotic Sanctuary VvardenfellTribez Dungeon MMS0062 2017-07-15
848 Rise of House Sadras RubberMan, RubberBoy Quest Dialogue, Dungeon, Faction, Home, House MMMAD07 2017-09-28
853 From Ash to Frost Caeris, EnclaveKiller Quest Armor, Dungeon, Location, Nordic, Npc, Raven Rock, Sixth House, Solstheim MMMAD09 2017-11-03
855 The Imperial Dwemer Society LadyPhoenixFireRose, Kiramarshiku, Pseunomix, Danae Quest Dungeon, Dwemer, Magic, Scenic MMMAD08 2017-10-18
856 Expedition to Mzelthuand Greatness7, Melchior Dahrk, The Drunken Mudcrab, R-Zero Quest abot's pick, Companion, Dungeon, Dwemer, Magic, Scenic, Scripting MMMAD08 2017-10-18 Requires MWSE v0.9.5-alpha.20151016 or later.
857 Deep Watch Abyss RubberMan, RubberyBoy Quest Dungeon, Dwemer, Scenic MMMAD08 2017-10-18 Still alpha. Will be included in Dwemer Rebirth Project
868 Mzahnch Reborn RubberMan, RubberBoy Quest abot's pick, Bloodmoon, Dungeon, Dwemer, Resource, Solstheim MMMAD09 2017-11-17
886 Anwen Manor Nera Underrated Dungeon, Home, House, Manor MMS0065 2017-12-09 Requires cleaning
891 Salt Gems of Bensamsi Melchior Dahrk Quest Dungeon, Scenic MMS0065 2017-12-09 Requires cleaning, heads for TR. Conflicts with Odai Castle
893 West Gash Retreat Ennet Winterhoof Dungeon MMS0065 2017-12-09 Requires cleaning. Danae's showcase
911 Bloodwind MatthewTheBagel Dungeon Fort, Quest MMSS001 2018-01-09
920 Falas Ancestral Tomb Expanded Flash3113 aka Remiros Dungeon Gnisis, Tomb MMS0067 2018-03-18
965 Orrutus Cavern Nicholiathan Quest Dungeon, Quest MMS0068 2018-04-01 May need cleaning
975 Bethamez Reborn RubberMan Dungeon Dwemer, Gnisis, Scenic MMM0802 2018-04-10
989 Inner Depths 5 John Kahler aka JMK Dungeon abot's pick, Dwemer, Home, House, Landmass, Quest MMS0069 2018-01-16
1000 Severa Magia DB Fix Corsair83 Dungeon MMS0070 2018-08-19
1012 Arkngthunch-Sturdumz Reborn RubberMan Dungeon MMS0071 2018-09-02 Also part of the Dwemer Rebirth Project
1017 Kogoruhn Expanded Greatness7, Remiros, PhDinSorcery, Meriyal Dungeon Mge-xe, Mwse, Scenic, Sixth House, Stronghold MMSSH18 2018-11-10 Requires the nightly build of MWSE (2.1+) and MGE XE 0.10.1+
1018 Mamaea Awakened Melchior Dahrk, Lucevar, RubberMan, Endoran Dungeon Location, Npc, Quest, Scenic, Sixth House, Town MMSSH18 2018-11-10 note: conflicts with Mountainous Red Mountain
1020 Tel Felisa Tel Shadow, Big Boss, Lightsourced, Miamian Dungeon Daedric, Scenic, Sixth House, Telvanni MMSSH18 2018-11-10
1021 The Reclamation of Hasimminus Mine EnclaveKiller, Mort, LadyPhoenixFireRose, PikachunoTM Dungeon Quest, Sixth House MMSSH18 2018-11-10
1023 Ministry of Clarity Danae, Darknut, Merlord, Corsair Quest Armor, Dungeon, Faction, Mge-xe, Mwse, Quest, Sixth House MMSSH18 2018-11-10 Requires the nightly build of MWSE (2.1+) and MGE XE 0.10.1+
1026 Dreadful Cavern Lady Eternity, Jsp25 Underrated Cavern, Dungeon, Sadrith Mora MMS0072 2018-12-29
1027 Apocrypha Assets Darknut Modder's Resource Cavern, Dungeon, Sadrith Mora MMS0072 2018-12-29 Recommended mod using these resources: The Demon Of Knowledge
1028 Aesthesia - Hlaalu Textures Rytelier Meshes and Textures Cavern, Dungeon, Sadrith Mora MMS0072 2018-12-29
1046 Sthomrond's Fort Tel Shadow Dungeon Dungeon, Dwemer, Grazelands, Scenic MMS0073 2019-02-10 Slight exterior lag possible, requires cleaning
1050 Nchyren's Fort Tel Shadow Bonus Dungeon, Dwemer MMS0074 2021-04-11 Adds a Dwemer dungeon for you to explore and loot, this mod has 3 interiors for you to explore.
Location: West of Bthuand the door is on the left of the ruin, you cant miss it.
1056 Spectral Siege Bradford Horton, Walker Horton Quest abot's pick, abot's pick, Dungeon MMS0074 2021-04-11  
1058 Redreach Team Azturnal Dungeon Dwemer, Skyrim MMS0074 2021-04-11  
1064 Rebalanced Tombs Expanded Sphagne Underrated Dungeon MMS0075 2021-05-16
1082 Berandas Overhaul Seelof Dungeon abot's pick, Scenic MMS0076 2021-07-13 Requires OAAB Data
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