Actions Id Name Authors Category Tags Video Date Note
985 The Two Lamps DonnerGott Quest Ascadian, Business, Inn, Tavern MMS0069 2018-01-16
841 Ruby Inn Crankgorilla Item Inn, Scenic, Tavern, Vos MMS0063 2017-07-29
733 Wayside Inn Namingway Underrated Inn, Tavern MMS0056 2017-02-08 May require cleaning
715 Old Vos Tradepost Bauglir Gameplay abot's pick, Scenic, Tavern, Vendor DMMM0006 2016-06-03 Available in SOPP">SOPP.
687 A Bard's Life Danae Popular House, Music, Npc, Quest, Tavern MMS0053 2016-10-28 Minor exterior lag with tavern
623 Balmora Council Club Princess Stomper Quest Inn, Tavern MMS0048 2016-04-19
589 Arena and The Rusty Swordsman Illtempered Blast from the Past Arena, Gladiator, Npc, Tavern, Vivec MMS0045 2016-02-27 Minor interior lag
123 The Augur Moose DonnerGott Gameplay Gameplay, Tavern MMS0012 2014-10-11