Actions Id Name Authors Category Tags Video Date Note
5 Board Games Danae Item Item MMS0001 2014-07-26
17 Dockside Clutter The Wanderer Item abot's pick, Item, Scenery, Scenic MMS0002 2014-08-02 Available in SOPP.
22 Furniture Store Dave Humphrey Blast from the Past Furniture, Item, Location, Misc., Shop MMS0002 2014-08-02
39 Enhanced Economics Crankgorilla Item Item MMS0004 2014-08-15
50 The Sword of Rolf the Uber Astion Item Item MMS0005 2014-08-23
57 Dwemer Loot Poodemon aka Lucas Bonus Item MMS0005 2014-08-23
62 Morrowind Trading Cards Danae Item Item MMS0006 2014-08-30
72 Magical Trinkets of Tamriel Chris Woods, Dragon32 Item abot's pick, Item, Magic, Spell MMS0007 2014-09-06 patch here
84 Beautiful Books Volume I: Grimoires Stuporstar Item Item MMS0008 2014-09-13
92 Telvanni Warriors Stavroguin Item Item MMS0009 2014-09-20
103 Mournhold Clockmaker Barabus, Nigedo Item abot's pick, Item, Quest, Shop, Vendor MMS0010 2014-09-27
109 New Bedrolls Calislahn Bonus Item, Shop MMS0010 2014-09-27
114 Provincial Bath Shoppe Korana Item Item MMS0011 2014-10-04
136 Diablo 2 Based Magic and Unique Items Pseunomix Item Item MMS0013 2014-10-18
142 Wayfarer's Rest Baratheon79 Blast from the Past Economy, House, Inn, Simulation, Strategy MMS0013 2014-10-18
148 Mabrigash Armored Robes Ivolga aka Aoimevelho Item Item MMS0014 2014-10-25
161 Iron Variants Stavroguin Item Item MMS0015 2014-11-01
174 Wereking Christian Ehn Item Item MMS0016 2014-11-08
184 Suran Riverview Home Baratheon79 House House MMS0017 2014-11-15
185 Consignment Chests Rex Little Gameplay Gameplay MMS0017 2014-11-15
187 Fine Clothiers of Tamriel Westly Item abot's pick, Clothing, Shop, Vendor MMS0017 2014-11-15
201 Void Gear Kieve Item Item MMS0018 2014-11-22
214 The Tea Mod Stuporstar Item Item MMS0019 2014-11-29 Some lag spikes possible in interiors.
Minor conflict with MNC: Ebonheart
227 Jack Sparrow Outfit Caine Item Item MMS0020 2014-12-06 Requires cleaning
240 Hold It Danae Item Item MMS0021 2014-12-13
248 Potted Plants Andoreth Bonus Alchemy, Item, Plant MMS0021 2014-12-13
253 Dwemer Alchemy Lexa Item Alchemy, Dwemer, Item MMS0022 2014-12-20
266 Yuna and Tidus Outfits Arkann Item Item MMS0023 2015-01-04
279 Pelagiad Provisions Crankgorilla Item Item MMS0024 2015-01-13
286 Tenience's Rare Items The_Conjurer, Tommy Khajiit Blast from the Past Shop, Vendor MMS0024 2015-01-13 Requires mod cleaning
292 Ultimate Knight Shop Orry aka "The Hand Of God" Item Item MMS0025 2015-01-19
305 Tel Branora Alchemist RWH Item Item, Shop, Vendor MMS0026 2015-01-25
317 Morningstars Turelek Item Item MMS0027 2015-01-31
331 Ultimate Galleon MADMAX, Fliggerty Item Boat, Gameplay, Real-time, Travel MMS0012 2014-10-11 Fliggerty's Purchase Patch
335 Nerevar's Armour MLGEnder Item Item MMS0003 2014-08-09
345 Acheron's Camping Gear Acheron Item Item MMS0028 2015-02-08
360 Arynx Castle Hemitheon House abot's pick, Castle, Home, Location, Quest, Scenic, Tamriel Rebuilt TTM0002 2015-02-11 Must have master file dependency for old Tamriel Rebuilt Map 1&2 removed.
An upgrade available more
Must have master file dependency for old Tamriel Rebuilt Map 1&2 removed.
An upgrade available here /abot
366 Vivec Weapons Crankgorilla Item Shop, Store, Weapon MMS000C 2012-08-19
373 POTD Paintings Danae Item Item MMS0029 2015-02-22
379 Sorcha's Adventurer's Shop Sorcha Ravenlock Underrated Item, Shop MMS0029 2015-02-22
380 Darkshroud Keep Baratheon79 Blast from the Past House, Quest MMS0029 2015-02-22 Possible conflict with Journey's End, may require cleaning
386 Armamentarium Complete Carnithus Item Item MMS0030 2015-03-14
400 MSG: Misc Specialty Goods Wildman Item Item MMS0031 2015-04-01 Requires cleaning
413 The Cloak and Dagger MagicNakor Item Item, Shop, Vendor MMS0032 2015-04-20
426 Armored Robes Ivolga aka Aoimevelho Item abot's pick MMS0033 2015-05-03
431 Document Items Resource Alaisiagae Modder's Resource Resource MMS0033 2015-05-03
439 Vivec Weapons Crankgorilla Item Item, Weapon MMS0034 2015-05-24
448 Where Are All Birds Going Abot Popular abot's pick, Creature, Scenic MMS0035 2015-06-03 alternate download from abot's site
452 Obsidian Armor Ronin Item Item MMS0035 2015-06-03 May need cleaning
465 Holly and Ivy's Holiday Shoppe Westly Item Merchant, Shop, Vendor MMS0036 2015-07-04
479 Sheoth Weapons Melchior Dahrk, Jojjo Item Item, Weapon MMS0037 2015-08-01
492 Imperial Shield Smith Zuldazug, Lord Yig Item Item MMS0038 2015-08-17
505 Vivec Fine Furnishings Crankgorilla Item Item MMS0039 2015-09-30
520 Necro Armor Millinghordesman Item Armor MMS0040 2015-11-16
530 Food of Tamriel Symbiote Dinosaur Item Food, Item MMS0041 2015-11-24 GMST cleaning required, as with any mod leveled list based, remember to generate Merge Leveled Lists with TES3CMD or Mash
536 Boots of Infernal Chaos Danjb Underrated Item, Quest MMS0041 2015-11-24
543 Weapons of Final Fantasy 7 Lord Nuke Item Final Fantasy, Weapon MMS0042 2016-01-20
556 Waffle Warfare Melchior Dahrk Item Creature, Funny, Humor. Joke, Item, Quest, Weapon MMS0043 2016-02-01
569 Telvanni Cephalopod Armor Danke, Cheydin Item Armor, Telvanni MMS0044 2016-02-11
582 OAAB Armor Preview Melchior Dahrk Item Armor MMS0045 2016-02-27
595 Dragon Rider's Armor Mandamus Item Armor, Dragon MMS0046 2016-03-09
608 Stormlord Armor Morrowind Edition Christian Paskota, Bahamut Item Armor MMS0047 2016-03-21
622 More Gems Gawain Item Alchemy MMS0048 2016-04-19 Merge Leveled List with TES3CMD
635 Sotonhorian Armor Morrowind Edition Andragorn, Bahamut Item Armor MMS0049 2016-04-30
655 Nord Ceremonial Armor The General Item Armor MMS0050 2016-08-17
668 Heaven's Lookout Compilation AndyGuy Item Armor, Flying, Island, Merchant, Shop, Vendor, Weapon MMS0051 2016-08-30
682 Bucklers in Morrowind PikachunoTM Item MMS0052 2016-09-13
689 MWSE Containers Greatness7 Gameplay abot's pick, Container, Mwse MMS0053 2016-10-28 Requires latest MWSE Alpha,
Note by abot: best containers mod I've used so far. If you are a NOM user, I made a more
Requires latest MWSE Alpha,
Note by abot: best containers mod I've used so far. If you are a NOM user, I made a tweaked version relocating the container vendor so it does not overlap with a NOM vendor.
691 Zipp's Furniture Store Zipp Item Store, Vendor MMS0053 2016-10-28
693 The Lost City Atropos Landmass abot's pick, Imperial, Landmass, Quest, Vampire MMS0053 2016-10-28 Conflicts with Tamriel Rebuilt, Sea of Destiny. Needs cleaning.
Note by abot: I made a more
Conflicts with Tamriel Rebuilt, Sea of Destiny. Needs cleaning.
Note by abot: I made a moved for TR compatibility/NOMified/with MGE-XE grass version, not tested much yet though.
703 Illegal Items Kindi Gameplay Dwarven, Dwemer MMS0054 2016-11-05
705 Aetherium Forging Grond1911 Item Dwarven, Dwemer MMS0054 2016-11-05
721 Stormkiss Reforged Gevalt, Enclavekiller Item Item MMS0055 2016-11-30
726 Picture Resource Kiteflyer61 Modder's Resource Item MMS0055 2016-11-30
727 Grims Armor TheDaywalker Underrated Item MMS0055 2016-11-30 REQUIRES cleaning
739 Assassin's Armoury Helios Item Weapon MMS0056 2017-02-08 REQUIRES cleaning
743 Living Cities of Vvardenfell Helios, Wrye Popular abot's pick, Gameplay, Immersion, Npcs, Scheduling MMS0056 2017-02-08 Minor exterior lag, may require cleaning.
Related mods: LCV Wolverine Hall by Princess Stomper, more
Minor exterior lag, may require cleaning.
Related mods: LCV Wolverine Hall by Princess Stomper, NPC LCV Schedules for Vivec Open cantons, No Trespassing by Arcimaestro Antares
752 Gnisis Imperial Trader Crankgorilla Item MMS0057 2017-02-11
766 Particle Weapons Merchant Mod Qwert Item Merchant, Mournhold, Shop, Weapon MMS0058 2017-02-28 Needs cleaning.
772 Balmora Candle Shop Nathaniel "Wolfzen" Schrader Bonus Item, Shop, Vendor MMS0059 2017-03-06
780 Sil's Pottery Silaria Item MMS0059 2017-03-06 Needs cleaning.
793 Staffs of the Daedra Melchior Dahrk Bonus Item, Weapon MMS0060 2017-01-07
795 The Wraith Collector Midgetalien Underrated Item, Quest MMS0060 2017-01-07 Note: Minor dirty refs, may need cleaning. Script compilation error on startup, safe to ignore
796 Lots More Nope Creature Resource Pack Autoclock Resource Evil, Horror, Item MMS0060 2017-01-07
801 Crimson Warlock Armor FireHeaven Item Armor, Mage MMS0060 2017-01-07
809 Unique Items and Creatures Utseeva Underrated Armor, Clothing, Creature, Item, Weapon MMS0061 2017-07-07 Requires cleaning
810 English Village Church RubberMan Resource Armor, Clothing, Creature, Item, Weapon MMS0061 2017-07-07
815 Hafted Blades Turelek Item Weapon MMS0061 2017-07-07 Merge leveled lists. May need cleaning.
828 Dwarven Armor + Dishonored Mask Danke Item MMS0062 2017-07-15
841 Ruby Inn Crankgorilla Item Inn, Scenic, Tavern, Vos MMS0063 2017-07-29
852 Legend of Chemua Greatness7, Melchior Dahrk, The Drunken Mudcrab, Memento Moritius Quest abot's pick, Dwemer, Location, Mwse, Nordic, Npc, Scripting, Sixth House, Solstheim MMMAD09 2017-11-03 Conflicts with Tamriel Rebuilt. Note by abot: I have a moved .esp replacer available at my site
854 Treasures of Magic Blueclock3000, WanderingDeadEye Quest Artifact, Faction, Item, Npc MMMAD09 2017-11-03
878 Arctic Steel Midgetalien Item Armor, Nordic MMS0064 2017-11-26
892 Imperial Studded Armor NazoX9 Item Armor MMS0065 2017-12-09
905 History of Shakri-Esh ARHIZ Item Argonian, Armor, Clothing, Weapon MMS0066 2017-12-23
919 Alabaster Potion Replacer RubberMan Item abot's pick, Meshes, Replacer MMS0067 2018-03-18
967 Traveller's Guide to Dining No. 3 Debi Dalio Item Alchemy, Quest MMS0068 2018-04-01 May need cleaning
986 Neb-Crescen - A Daedric Artifact Mod PikachunoTM Item abot's pick, Quest, Sword, Weapon MMS0069 2018-01-16
999 Morag Tong Armor NazoX9 Item MMS0070 2018-08-19 Note: Rebirth already includes a Morag Tong armor set.
1011 Antares' Mages Robes Arcimaestro Antares Item MMS0071 2018-09-02
1032 Tamrielic Lore Tooltips PhDinSorcery Item abot's pick, Lua, Mwse MMS0072 2018-12-29 Requires latest MWSE-Lua
1045 New Soul Gems Uisce Item MMS0073 2019-02-10 Requires cleaning
1057 Oriental Dwarven Weapons Natinnet Items Weapons MMS0074 2021-04-11  
1069 Shinies Gawain, Melchior Dahrk, Merlord, Danae Items Alchemy, Gems, Jewels MMS0075 2021-05-16
1081 Mantle of Ascension - A Climbing Mod Vtastek Items Lua, Mwse, Verticality MMS0076 2021-07-13 Requires MGE-XE, latest MWSE-Lua, Skills Module.
Tel... more
1102 Olafs Best Cloaks in Town MorrowGoblins Items abot's pick, Clothes MDT2021 2021-12-05
1103 Killing Spree Helluva Ways to Kill Sandman, Danae, Cognatogen, Denina Items Weapons MDT2021 2021-12-05
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