Actions Id Name Authors Category Tags Video Date Note
758 Improved Propylon Particles Starwarsgal9875 Bonus abot's pick, Replacer, Scenic MMS0058 2017-02-28
759 Telperion Calislahn Blast from the Past MMS0058 2017-02-28 Minor exterior lag
760 Guild Guide Quest Beolach Underrated MMS0058 2017-02-28
761 Magic Gates Vfx Resource Pack Oriphier Modder's Resource Meshes, Portal, Vfx MMS0058 2017-02-28
762 AOF Potions AnOldFriend Meshes and Textures abot's pick MMS0058 2017-02-28
763 Elemental Magic Lady Rae NPC MMS0058 2017-02-28
764 Twin Castles Ravege Landmass Castle, House MMS0058 2017-02-28 Minor exterior lag, needs cleaning.
765 The Magus Unending Davion the Mad Quest MMS0058 2017-02-28 Needs cleaning.
766 Particle Weapons Merchant Mod Qwert Item Merchant, Mournhold, Shop, Weapon MMS0058 2017-02-28 Needs cleaning.
767 The Mysterious Tower Mad Wolf Dungeon Imperial, Tower MMS0058 2017-02-28 Needs cleaning, conflicts with Village of Tel Fyr.
768 Magic (Path Tracing) Thread TundroWalker Gameplay MMS0058 2017-02-28 Note by abot: be aware that mod does not delete but just disables what it spawns.
769 Tel Dranori The Drunken Mudcrab Gameplay Bitter Coast, Scenic, Telvanni MMS0058 2017-02-28 Needs cleaning.
771 Improved Ring of Teleportation Tealpanda Popular Gameplay, Misc MMS0058 2017-02-28
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