Actions Id Name Authors Category Tags Video Date Note
96 Blades Tower Nymeria Underrated Balmora, Blades, Faction, Gnaar Mok, House MMS0009 2014-09-20
158 Pelagiad Guard Tower Home Tizzo House House MMS0015 2014-11-01
303 Grow Your Own Telvanni Towers Kaos_Nyrb Gameplay abot's pick, Gameplay, Telvanni MMS0026 2015-01-25 Needs cleaning
358 Crehange Manor ReflectioN House House TTM0002 2015-02-11 Download Guard Tower Extra
359 Yorick's Tower Spokorni aka Spok House abot's pick, Castle, Home, House, Quest TTM0002 2015-02-11 Download Transport Addon. Minor Interior Lag Possible
365 Mysterious Tower Mad Wolf Dungeon Dungeon MMS000B 2012-07-23
460 Tower of Vos Melchior Dahrk Bonus abot's pick, Scenic MMS0035 2015-06-03 Available in SOPP.
499 Crooked Tower Noirgrim Blast from the Past abot's pick, Dungeon, Isle, Location, Quest, Scenic, Tower MMS0038 2015-08-17 Requires cleaning
523 Equimanthrone The Daedric Tower CeThO Underrated abot's pick, Daedric, Evil, House, Scenic, Tower MMS0040 2015-11-16 Minor lag in bone throne room
592 Magus Realm Tower Korana House House, Magic, Tower MMS0046 2016-03-09
624 Silgrad Tower Silgrad Tower Team Landmass abot's pick, City, Hlaalu, Huge, Location, Quest, Redoran, Scenic MMS0048 2016-04-19 Alternate download. Conflicts with Tamriel Rebuilt. Latest dedicated review from DEG.
A more
Alternate download. Conflicts with Tamriel Rebuilt. Latest dedicated review from DEG.
A moved version by abot
627 Hlaalu Large Tower Resource KynarethRaven Modder's Resource MMS0048 2016-04-19
649 Solstheim Mage Tower Dr No Underrated abot's pick, Bloodmoon, Home, House, Solstheim, Tower MMS0050 2016-08-17 Conflicts with Solstheim - Tomb of the Snow Prince. Available in SOPP.
661 Private Tower Balmora HB Blast from the Past Home, House MMS0051 2016-08-30 Possible Conflict With Tamriel Rebuilt
767 The Mysterious Tower Mad Wolf Dungeon Imperial, Tower MMS0058 2017-02-28 Needs cleaning, conflicts with Village of Tel Fyr.
826 The Clockwork Tower Tsar_of_Cows Landmass Dwemer, House, Quest MMS0062 2017-07-15 Minor exterior lag, requires cleaning, conflict with Tamriel Rebuilt.
927 Balmora Riverview Tower Thondur House MMMA012 2018-03-15 High-conflict area. Requires cleaning
1080 Tel Yana - The Aura Construct Tel Shadow Quests Scenic, Telvanni, Tower, Verticality MMS0076 2021-07-13 Requires cleaning, conflicts with Castle Hestatur, Tel Felisa
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