Actions Id Name Authors Category Tags Video Date Note
148 Mabrigash Armored Robes Ivolga aka Aoimevelho Item Item MMS0014 2014-10-25
154 Silt Strider Armor Melchior Dahrk Underrated Armor MMS0014 2014-10-25 Retextured Version
210 Dark Brotherhood Armor Replacer Dimitri Mazieres Popular Armor MMS0019 2014-11-29 No Ranks Version
306 Tales of Tel Branora A.P. Hilliard Quest abot's pick, Npc, Quest MMS0026 2015-01-25 Needs cleaning, requires LeFemm Armor
308 Living Armors Arcimaestro Antares NPC Npc MMS0026 2015-01-25
421 Dread Knight Armor Morrowind Edition Bahamut Bonus abot's pick, Armor MMS0032 2015-04-20 Requires cleaning, conflicts with Vil's Indarys
426 Armored Robes Ivolga aka Aoimevelho Item abot's pick MMS0033 2015-05-03
446 The Lost Armor of St. Nerevar Aragon, Enlightened Daedroth, Soulshade Blast from the Past Armor, Quest MMS0034 2015-05-24 May need cleaning
452 Obsidian Armor Ronin Item Item MMS0035 2015-06-03 May need cleaning
509 Better Armor Bones HedgeHog-12 Meshes and Textures Mesh, Texture MMS0039 2015-09-30  
520 Necro Armor Millinghordesman Item Armor MMS0040 2015-11-16
521 Perfect Daedric Armor Replacer Baldurian Meshes and Textures Armor MMS0040 2015-11-16
524 Vampiric Citadel & New Armors Mike Blast from the Past Armor, Evil, House, Location, Vampire MMS0040 2015-11-16 Requires cleaning
550 Night Elves Hyperion Blast from the Past Armor, Clothing, Race, Weapon MMS0042 2016-01-20
552 Better Armor Tribunal Pack HedgeHog-12 Popular Armor, Mesh, Texture, Weapon MMS0043 2016-02-01
569 Telvanni Cephalopod Armor Danke, Cheydin Item Armor, Telvanni MMS0044 2016-02-11
582 OAAB Armor Preview Melchior Dahrk Item Armor MMS0045 2016-02-27
595 Dragon Rider's Armor Mandamus Item Armor, Dragon MMS0046 2016-03-09
599 Dragonbone Armor Jayson Meshes and Textures Armor, Dragon MMS0046 2016-03-09
603 Tsaesci Dragonscale Armour Maj.GHOB Bonus Armor, Dragon MMS0046 2016-03-09
608 Stormlord Armor Morrowind Edition Christian Paskota, Bahamut Item Armor MMS0047 2016-03-21
609 Savant Armor Quest Tenaka Quest Island MMS0047 2016-03-21 Conflicts with Tamriel Rebuilt , requires cleaning
635 Sotonhorian Armor Morrowind Edition Andragorn, Bahamut Item Armor MMS0049 2016-04-30
655 Nord Ceremonial Armor The General Item Armor MMS0050 2016-08-17
668 Heaven's Lookout Compilation AndyGuy Item Armor, Flying, Island, Merchant, Shop, Vendor, Weapon MMS0051 2016-08-30
672 Alakazar's Lamp Westly Popular Armor, Clothing, Vendor MMS0051 2016-08-30 Some lag in interior cells. Also check out Elseworlds!
727 Grims Armor TheDaywalker Underrated Item MMS0055 2016-11-30 REQUIRES cleaning
731 Stalker Armor Redone Spot1st Bonus Armor, Thief MMS0056 2017-02-08
797 Daedric Lord Armor Morrowind Edition McMuffin, Bahamut Meshes and Textures Armor, Evil MMS0060 2017-01-07
801 Crimson Warlock Armor FireHeaven Item Armor, Mage MMS0060 2017-01-07
808 The Knights of Tamriel Jeremy McGuinn Blast from the Past Armor, Quest MMS0061 2017-07-07 Requires cleaning. Download also Part 2, 3, 4, more
Requires cleaning. Download also Part 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
809 Unique Items and Creatures Utseeva Underrated Armor, Clothing, Creature, Item, Weapon MMS0061 2017-07-07 Requires cleaning
810 English Village Church RubberMan Resource Armor, Clothing, Creature, Item, Weapon MMS0061 2017-07-07
828 Dwarven Armor + Dishonored Mask Danke Item MMS0062 2017-07-15
853 From Ash to Frost Caeris, EnclaveKiller Quest Armor, Dungeon, Location, Nordic, Npc, Raven Rock, Sixth House, Solstheim MMMAD09 2017-11-03
870 Snow Prince Armor Redux Saint_Jiub Bonus Armor, Bloodmoon, Solstheim MMS0064 2017-11-26
874 Bear Armor Replacer CemKey Modder's Resource abot's pick, Armor, Bloodmoon, Solstheim, Weapon MMS0064 2017-11-26
878 Arctic Steel Midgetalien Item Armor, Nordic MMS0064 2017-11-26
880 Bloodmoon Armor Pack HedgeHog12 Gameplay Armor, Bloodmoon, Nordic, Solstheim, Vendor MMS0064 2017-11-26
881 Woodland House Shezrie House Armor, Bloodmoon, Home, House, Nordic, Solstheim MMS0064 2017-11-26
892 Imperial Studded Armor NazoX9 Item Armor MMS0065 2017-12-09
899 Argonian Hist Armor Helios, Ral-Jiktar Underrated MMS0066 2017-12-23
900 Argonian Armor Sets Quorn Modder's Resource MMS0066 2017-12-23
905 History of Shakri-Esh ARHIZ Item Argonian, Armor, Clothing, Weapon MMS0066 2017-12-23
906 Stilt City Ddfields Town Argonian, Armor, Clothing, Weapon MMS0066 2017-12-23 Conflicts with Ald Vendras
910 City of Balmora Praedator, EnvyDeveloper Landmass Armor, Building, City, Faction, Guild, House, Landmass, Quest, Scenic, Weapon MMSS001 2018-01-09 Some exterior lag, conflicts with Morrowind RebirthIlluminated Order, most Balmora expansion mods, and a majority of Ba... more
Some exterior lag, conflicts with Morrowind RebirthIlluminated Order, most Balmora expansion mods, and a majority of Balmora housing mods. Compatible with Tamriel Rebuilt
962 Dark Telvanni Armor Kieve Modder's Resource Telvanni MMS0068 2018-04-01
999 Morag Tong Armor NazoX9 Item MMS0070 2018-08-19 Note: Rebirth already includes a Morag Tong armor set.
1023 Ministry of Clarity Danae, Darknut, Merlord, Corsair Quest Armor, Dungeon, Faction, Mge-xe, Mwse, Quest, Sixth House MMSSH18 2018-11-10 Requires the nightly build of MWSE (2.1+) and MGE XE 0.10.1+
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