Actions Id Name Authors Category Tags Video Date Note
1004 Ghost Revenge Rot Bonus MMS0071 2018-09-02
879 Himmelryn Point CarrotFerret Town abot's pick, Bloodmoon, City, House, Nordic, Scenic, Solstheim MMS0064 2017-11-26 May require cleaning. Available in SOPP">SOPP... more
May require cleaning. Available in SOPP">SOPP
829 The Necrotic Sanctuary VvardenfellTribez Dungeon MMS0062 2017-07-15
790 Immersive Madness Rot Quest abot's pick, Faction, Npc, Quest MMM001 2017-06-19
749 Hrotha Race Sabregirl NPC Race MMS0057 2017-02-11
746 Varlninya Cardboard Box Underrated abot's pick, Home, Quest MMS0057 2017-02-11 Conflicts with Suran Waterfront. It would be better to clean standard float and signrotate scripts overwritten by the mod by mistake IMO /abot
690 Falensarano - The Ruined Stronghold CarrotFerret Dungeon Scenic MMS0053 2016-10-28
637 Winds of Sheogorad - A Landscape Overhau CarrotFerret Landmass Dungeon, Location, Scenic MMS0049 2016-04-30 Conflicts with: Dagon Fel Updated, Sheogorad - The Frozen North
618 Grandmaster of Hlaalu Lady Galadriel Popular Expansion, Location, Quest, Stronghold MMS0048 2016-04-19 Requires Book Rotate and Weapon Rotate. Conflicts with more
Requires Book Rotate and Weapon Rotate. Conflicts with Rethan Manor Estate, New Rethan Manor
454 Rothril Island Stronghold DarkXo Landmass Landmass MMS0035 2015-06-03 Some exterior lag possible, requires cleaning
446 The Lost Armor of St. Nerevar Aragon, Enlightened Daedroth, Soulshade Blast from the Past Armor, Quest MMS0034 2015-05-24 May need cleaning
370 Seyda Neen House Morgenrot Jan Heuser aka Skil8 House House MMS0029 2015-02-22 Conflicts with The Merchant Fendus, requires cleaning
325 Carrot Weapons Mod Darknut Bonus Funny, Weapon MMS0027 2015-01-31
235 Pirate Parrot Mighty Joe Young Bonus Miscellaneous, Pirate MMS0020 2014-12-06
233 Drakwoley Grotto CJW aka Craigor Underrated Grotto, House MMS0020 2014-12-06
210 Dark Brotherhood Armor Replacer Dimitri Mazieres Popular Armor MMS0019 2014-11-29 No Ranks Version
28 Dark Brotherhood Headquarters Vrolok Dungeon Dungeon MMS0003 2014-08-09